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Franchisees Talk Franchising: Charlie Williams of Smoothie Factory

At BizCom, we work with a variety of franchise brands and have the privilege of sharing the unique stories of franchisees that represent those brands. This week we kick off a new series on the BizBlog highlighting a franchisee and why he or she got into franchising.

Today, we are talking with Charlie Williams and wife Sharonda who recently opened a Smoothie Factory in Mansfield, Texas. Charlie is a former Dallas Cowboy, and he says that what he learned as a professional football player is directly linked to his decision to open a Smoothie Factory.

What made you decide to go into franchising?

From a young age, my father instilled in me that no matter what I do in life, I must always work my absolute hardest. Since getting married, consistent hard work and being able to support my family has been a priority for me. After my football career, I was looking for my next career move and my wife Sharonda also wanted to pursue something different after working in the corporate world. She thought that franchising was a good model for opening a small business and since we both have a wealth of knowledge on health, we decided opening a store that offered healthy products was a good fit.

After discovering that most stores offer products with added sugar and preservatives, I knew I wanted it to be a store that offered products containing nothing but natural ingredients. Smoothie Factory was the only smoothie store I came across that made its products with the highest quality ingredients. Franchising has been a big transition for me since my football career ended. But just because the NFL is over, it doesn’t mean work stops. Life must go on and I must continue to work.

Charlie, how did your football career play a role in your decision to open a Smoothie Factory?

When I first started playing football, I would fuel myself with fast food before my workouts. I would always end up tired and fighting to find the energy to push through my workouts. I saw many other players drinking protein shakes and smoothies, and they rarely got tired. I decided to change my diet to incorporate only healthy, nutritious foods and it was life-changing. I had mental clarity, was much more productive as a player, and became an overall healthier person.

How do you plan to share your nutrition story through this new business venture?

I know firsthand the role that diet and nutrition plays on one’s overall health. Being a part of the Cowboys gave me a heightened sense of awareness of what I was putting in my body and making sure I was well-nourished. Through this new business venture, I want to share this knowledge and be the go-to smoothie store for people who prioritize their health. I want to be a part of people’s health journey by being in the store often, helping with smoothie orders and developing relationships with the people of Mansfield. I look forward to sharing my own story in an effort to encourage our customers to tackle a healthy lifestyle of their own.

Are there any plans to open more?

We definitely want to expand! Our next plan is to hopefully bring a Smoothie Factory to the airport in some capacity. We’ve already had a lot of success with our Mansfield location with a steady stream of customers. I’m confident we will have continued success with this location and look forward to future expansion plans.

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