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Media Training: How to Make a Splash in the Post-Pandemic Media Landscape

When you turn on the TV and watch the news, you might not realize how much goes into perfecting the art of interviewing. For some it comes easy, for others it takes practice, but learning how to look and sound good on camera is a valuable skill for all.

The ever-changing media landscape shifted as the COVID-19 pandemic created a new dynamic for reporters and interviewees alike. Almost three years later, as we have learned to navigate this new playing field with media outlets “back in the studio” via Zoom and other online platforms, BizCom identified the growing need for a crash course refresher in how to own the media.

At BizCom, our goal has always been to stretch beyond PR and push the boundaries to offer our clients new and exciting opportunities. When our team isn’t hard at work pitching, writing press releases, or managing social media pages, you might find them conducting media training.

Our media training offers a comprehensive guide to owning the media – whether in person or online – for the most seasoned spokespeople and beginners. In doing so, our media training program helps executives understand the business value of consistent media interaction, provides tips on preparing for various interviews, identifies ways to tailor company messaging depending on the audience and so much more. Learning to win the interview not only frames executives as subject matter experts, but also positions the company as a leader in the industry and, in turn, opens doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Across the board, some of the valuable lessons and best practices our executives have learned through BizCom’s media training are:

  • How to address questions when you don’t know the answers;

  • What to say if asked about competitors;

  • How to insert preferred information when not explicitly given the opportunity;

  • How to dress for interviews;

  • Where to look when on camera;

  • How to cultivate a relationship with the reporter;

  • And so much more.

BizCom team members presenting to a client

In the past month, our team has conducted media training with nine executives from across our client roster of global and national chains and franchise networks, with training sessions that took place either in person or via Zoom. To help our executives “win the interview,” we begin training day with a thorough orientation covering best practices and helpful tips before conducting mock interviews tailored to the executive’s needs, including camera set-up and staging. Following training, the BizCom team offers clients an evaluation package including a formal report highlighting strong points along with tips for the future, a profile feature to show how the soundbites relayed during the long-form interview and all video footage.

The best part of the process? Hearing from the executives themselves that they feel like the training boosted their confidence for future media opportunities:

“I learned so much today.”

“I had no idea I was doing that… Now I can be more mindful of it in the future.”

“I did better than I thought I would! This really helped ease my nerves surrounding interviews.”

Now as we book interviews for them moving forward, they’ll not only have their trusty booking sheets that we create in real time to prep them with specific tips and tricks for the interview at hand, but they’ll be armed with the experience they gained from the formal training they received. That’s why we’re doing this, and we love that it’s already paying off.

BizCom team members posing at client HQ

Looking to up your PR capabilities in 2023? Let BizCom prepare you to tell your most inspiring stories through our media training program. Our dedicated team makes winning the media safe, easy, fun and exciting. Contact Monica Feid at for more information.


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