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About Us

Innovation and Creativity are our passions. We live to tell inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, business leaders and organizations making a positive impact on the world in unexpected ways. For over two decades we have encouraged our clients to dream big, then bigger. We’re not afraid to push the bounds of PR – in fact, we strive for it. Together, we challenge ourselves to redefine the future of our industry.


Our Values

Authenticity gets real results. You can tell BizCom CARES.


We believe in the power of honesty. Truth builds trust – between brands and consumers, between business partners, between coworkers. True stories are already compelling. They don’t need spin. We bring real passion into our craft and forge genuine connections with each other and our clients. We set our sights on real results for our clients because BizComCARES.

Collaboration for personalized, high-quality service.

Authenticity and integrity win every time.

Results are how you know we deliver on our promise.

Expertise in our industry elevates everything we do.

Serving our communities and beyond.

Our Mission

To share the world’s most inspiring stories

Storytelling is as old as time itself. It connects us, moves us, inspires us to change. Could there be a more powerful tool in human history? And yet, many of the world’s most inspiring stories are never heard. We’re here to change that, with creative storytelling that raises the bar for the PR industry.


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