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Meet The Team

scott white.jpeg

Scott White
CEO and Co-Founder

A journalist who went from sportswriting to agency-building, we say Scott went to the majors in our industry. Former president of the Texas Public Relations Association, he divides his time serving on boards (um, you might even call him a tree-hugger) while making our biggest and best clients even bigger and better.  


august anderson.jpeg

August Johnson

Originally from Atlanta, this Georgia Peach fit right in with our Texas crew before heading to Chicago. And our agency work blew north to the Windy City too! While the snow and negative temperatures have been an adjustment, our Chicago presence is red hot in her hands. A former member of her college dance team, August knows all the right moves not only on the dance floor but also in the PR world. Her knack for research and passion for strategy not only earned her a master’s degree, but also brought her to BizCom where she’s always looking for the most effective ways to exceed client expectations. And before you ask… No, she does not have a sister named September...

madelaine rockey.jpeg

Madeline Rockey
A Harry Potter fanatic and former soccer player who also has her own cooking blog on Instagram, Madeline is yet another Baylor grad who uses her training in journalism and advertising to help our clients develop effective marketing and communications programs. She loves spending time with friends and family, especially if it involves hiking, watching movies or trying new recipes together. One day she hopes to live in a different country, even if it’s just for a little while, and possibly have a chance to fine tune her (somewhat limited) Spanish speaking skills!

Emily Seabaugh (1).jpeg

Emily Seabaugh

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Emily is a Louisiana native who studied Communications and Marketing at Louisiana Tech University. Her hobbies include staying up to date with pop culture and finding adventure wherever she goes. Emily is the textbook definition of a "fangirl" and will stop at nothing to see her favorite artists in concert. She loves traveling the world and has worked in Nashville, TN, and Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. With a creative mind and a knack for social media, Emily loves applying her passions to her career as a member of the digital division at BizCom!

candace smith.jpeg

Candace Smith

It rings true that home is where the heart is, and for Candace home is Texas. After receiving her degree from the University of North Texas, Candace planted her roots down south in Houston. Her passion for storytelling and love for others is what fuels her skillset in account service, research and strategy. It's also what brought her to the Account Service team at BizCom. Candace thrives in creative, free-thinking environments and appreciates team-building and collaboration to create work that is meaningful and intentional with the hopes of telling stories and changing lives. When she’s not working with clients, she’s spending quality time with family and friends, taking on new adventures, and enjoying good food and iced coffee.

Jordyn Whitted.jpeg

Jordyn Whitted
Born and raised in Mebane, NC, Jordyn brings a unique perspective from the land of college basketball and Cheerwine. Jordyn studied Strategic Communication and Marketing at High Point University. While she enjoyed advertising, she found her true calling in media relations. When she’s not busy pitching for the BizCom media relations team, she’s bothering her family and friends about the latest pop culture and reality TV news.

monica feid.jpeg

Monica Feid
President and Co-Founder

Born in Boston, raised in Texas, employed in NYC and now a longtime Dallas girl, Monica’s talents include getting award-winning results for clients and never saying anything is “wicked smart, y’all.” She has turned social media into an art form and is the news media’s best friend, living and working with headlines as her goal and counting national TV and reality shows, co-writing client books, and making clients famous the perks of her career.

lauren moore.jpeg

Lauren Moore

Look what the wind blew in! Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Lauren left the Windy City for Texas after graduating from Saint Mary’s College. Even though she prefers to say, “you guys” instead of “y’all,” she is still embracing all The Lone Star State has to offer – especially the warmer winters! Lauren manages BizCom’s Media Relations and Digital divisions. When she is not securing local and national headlines or overseeing influencer campaigns for our clients, she can probably be found obsessing over Notre Dame football or spending time with her husband, Christian.


loren browb.jpeg

Loren Brown
While she may be a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Loren is a Texas girl at heart and excited to be back south of the Red River and working in her home state. When she’s not pitching the news media to generate publicity for BizCom’s world-class roster of global clients, Loren enjoys shopping and traveling to new places. Her college experience wasn’t all Boomer Sooner, however. She also studied abroad in the United Kingdom in 2019 and is eager to cross “the pond" again. 

ellie marcum.jpeg

Ellie Marcum
Georgia used to be on her mind but now this University of Kentucky graduate deems Lexington as her Old Kentucky Home. Ellie is thrilled to be a member of the BizCom team and right-hand to Vice President August Johnson. Even though this pair used to go head-to-head as high school rivals, they’ve joined forces to bring top-notch PR services to their clients. Ellie utilizes her skillsets in all things planning, writing and coordinating within the realm of account services. In addition to her account service skills, Ellie can tell you anything and everything you want to know about Chick-fil-A and Kentucky basketball.


camille gilvar.jpeg

Camille Gilvar
Much to her “Yankee” parents’ chagrin, Camille is a born-and-bred Texan. She headed south from Dallas to San Antonio to attend Trinity University, where she earned a degree in communication and discovered her passion for public relations. Camille is excited to bring her love of writing and research to BizCom as part of the Client Relations Division. When not at work, she enjoys rewatching her favorite Disney movies for the 100th time, reading fantasy and sci-fi books, and traveling to new places with her family.


Alex Preusser

Alex grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but always dreamed of moving to warmer weather. She attended Texas Christian University where she studied sports and broadcast journalism along with business. During her undergraduate career, she interned with BizCom as a client services intern for a year and a half before earning her MBA at Belmont University. Her family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina in 2019 and Alex fell in love with living by the beach. When she isn’t working, Alex can be found at the beach, cheering on the Horned Frogs, or going for a walk.

melissa rubin.jpeg

Melissa Rubin

Our Yankee-in-Residence, Melissa has repped some of the best brands for PR agencies in New York and New Jersey. But her heart and the real estate bonanza led her move to Texas!  Today she wears many important hats including: wife, mom, PR guru, and HGTV “Fixer Upper” junkie. When she is not winning national headlines for clients, she is perfecting life as a Texan better than most natives.

jordan wheeler.jpeg

Jordan Wheeler
Born and raised in Texas, Jordan is a country boy who found his passion for public relations while attending the University of North Texas. With a double major in Public Relations and English Literature, Jordan is a talented writer with a mind for research. A lover of stories, fantasy and people, Jordan is a nerd at heart who loves playing Dungeons and Dragons, watching movies and hanging out with friends and family. He loves traveling and has visited several countries, and while he plans to continue traveling, Jordan can hardly imagine ever permanently moving away from the Lone Star State.

sylvia shtraym.jpeg

Sylvia Shtraym 

Sylvia wasn’t born in Texas, but she got there as fast as she could. Being from the Windy City, she is naturally adventurous and enjoys exploring new places. Sylvia graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and in her free time, she enjoys a good mystery book, binge-watching a new Netflix series, and shopping online.

marcella winfiele.jpeg

Marcella Winfiele
As a news junkie and storyteller, Marcella is happy to be part of the BizCom Digital team. She is originally from Missouri City, Texas, and studied Communications and French at Texas A&M. Marcella loves all things French and sometimes even writes in franglais because her brain mushes the languages together. She is a little bit southern and a little bit British, so listen when she speaks because both accents can be heard in one sentence. Marcella is a writer, avid reader, and dog lover who drinks too much tea and knows every word to every song. She also loves photography, whether it's documenting her travels or just taking pictures of her dog Lexi.

Kylie Lindley.jpeg

Kylie Lindley
Kylie is a Texas native from Wichita Falls, the home of Bowling for Soup and Dr. Phil. She graduated from Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em) where she studied Graphic Design. Kylie is excited to bring her creativity to the BizCom team as a designer. In her free time, Kylie enjoys baking, watching movies, and exploring new places. You can always find her enjoying an iced coffee and keeping up with pop culture. She also has a bucket list dream of traveling through Europe and having her own business one day. Lastly, she doesn't have any sisters, especially ones whose names also start with a K.

Agency History

The agency was formed in 1999 by a group of PR professionals who wanted to create an agency that delivered the expertise and results of a large agency but the speed, flexibility and energy typically only available through a small, boutique agency. We wanted to create an agency that would attract innovative, visionary clients with great stories to tell and provide them with affordable access to experienced, senior level public relations and marketing communications  professionals.


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