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Your Brand Has Many Spokespeople

Does your company have a spokesperson? Think again. Because it likely has many. Whether you’re a start-up or a global icon, chances are you’re being represented at various levels. And let’s hope everyone is on the same page!

From the CEO giving big interviews, to the former employee ranking you on GlassDoor, chances are there are a lot of people who have something to say about the business. In the PR world, that can be a good thing. Different people want to hear from different “experts.” And audiences can relate to various degrees of news-sharing. In the case of our client, Gold’s Gym, we had the perfect trifecta of examples converge all at once.

Gold's Gym CEO Brandon Bean brand spokespeople

The view from the C-Suite:

Who better to share details about the business than the person steering the ship? D Magazine recently interviewed Brandon Bean, CEO of Gold’s Gym for a feature story. Bean was able to share where Gold’s started, how it has gotten to where it is today, and most importantly the vision for future plans and growth. There’s no more credible source than going right to the top.

Chef Robert Irvine Franchising World brand spokespeople

When fame pays a visit:

A celebrity partnership can bring a real boost to a business. With a legit passion for the business and an uncharacteristically large built-in loyal audience, a celebrity affiliation can provide a whole new level of exposure for a brand. Gold’s Gym franchisee and celebrity chef Robert Irvine, recently wrote a feature for Franchising World magazine sharing how he went from being a member at Gold’s Gym to becoming a franchise owner of his own location and the importance of being involved and engaged with the brand.

The grassroots perspective:

A franchisee is your local resident who can have a voice for a nationally recognized brand. They are the ideal person to share their story of living the American dream. Gold’s Gym franchisees Don and Tammy Murphy recently announced they are opening a second Gold’s Gym in Wallkill, New York. Multi-unit franchisees are great validators to show a brand’s growth.

Who’s talking about your business? A successful PR strategy will utilize many spokespeople for news sharing, brand awareness and business validation.

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