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When PR Is Like Winning The Lottery

Talk about a stellar headline. When BizCom learned that a New York Lottery winner was using some of her winnings to buy a Red Mango franchise, our PR push went into high gear. In the case of a news hook — lottery winner buys franchise — it doesn’t get any better than this.

And the media agreed! After our news of Belinda Poblete broke, the yogurt cup runneth over with coverage.

New York lottery winner buys franchise

Belinda Poblete (New York State Lottery Photo)

That was just one of the headlines. When Poblete bought a scratch-off ticket, she hit the jackpot. And, with a goal to be her own boss, so did Red Mango. A Rockland County, N.Y. resident, Poblete took a lump sum payment and is now opening a Red Mango Yogurt Café Smoothie and Juice Bar in Nanuet. It will be the first location for the 300+ chain the market.

“I am so excited to open my first franchise location in Nanuet and share my love for Red Mango with the community,” she said. “I wanted to offer the public something healthy and Red Mango fit the bill…”

Not your average “coming soon” news. Great PR tells a bigger story.

At BizCom, we always ask ourselves: “What’s the real story here?” When clients want to share their exciting news about business expansion, grand openings on the horizon, and goods and services soon to be offered in yet another new neighborhood, we are asking about the human interest story, the drastic change in someone’s career to begin calling their own shots, or – in those dream-come-true cases – a story that’s literally as good as winning the lottery.

Those are the inspirational wins. Those lead to the headlines that merit people’s attention. And, best of all, those are the stories that get shared, time and time again, with others. That’s the kind of great PR that drives authentic interest and admiration for a person, a business, and a tale too good to be true…that is true!

Memorable stories don’t have to be one a million.

Best of all, a skilled PR team doesn’t have to wait around for the “almost impossible” to happen to generate great coverage. That’s what makes our job so fun. We get to talk to people about seemingly ordinary things to them, and find that nugget that will win the attention of the masses overnight.

That’s also a big mission for the International Franchise Association and its @OurFranchise initiative that is sharing the collective stories of everyday greatness from franchise owners at the grassroots level from coast to coast across America.

Yes, Poblete’s Red Mango story was a gift that we will gladly accept any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But she also joins the ranks of small business owners across Main Street America achieving equal greatness.

According to a study on the economic impact of franchising released by the IFA, franchise businesses are providing more than 7.6 million jobs, generating $674 billion in economic output and 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product for the U.S. economy.

Jackpot! Time to find the next headline out there.

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