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When PR is for the dogs

Since April 11 marked National Pet Day, BizCom decided to revisit a client-charity tie-in with one of the most heartfelt community responses. Plus, we just needed a reason to share some adorable pet pictures!

A sold-out studio for Project Pet.

Project Pet is a Pinot’s Palette program that gives us warm fuzzies

On April 9, there was an event that literally went to the dogs…and cats…and you-name-it for the pet-loving crowd. More specifically, nothing says fundraiser like the SPCA. And the Great Plains SPCA proved to be a “purr”fect partner when all five area Pinot’s Palette studios in the greater Kansas City metro region recently hosted a Painting It Forward event to showcase the franchise network’s popular Project Pet classes while also raising money for a good cause.

Guests were invited to submit a photo of their pet to be transferred to a canvas for painting, book a studio seat at any of the area locations, show up to the fundraiser and enjoy a paint-and-sip event where a portion of the proceeds went to the worthy local charity.

To prove that this idea was barking up the right tree when it came to community involvement, all five studios sold out days ahead of time.

Pinot’s Palette corporate called it one of the franchise network’s textbook examples of coming together to do good while also having a good time.

Adding to the fun, Pinot’s Palette artists at each of the studios also painted photos of current SPCA animals up for adoption. So, when the lucky day arrives for those pets to find fur-ever homes, those future adoptions will come with the added gift of a free pet portrait on canvas.

In total, the studios took in more than $14,000 in revenues for the 3-hour class, 209 painters participated in the event, and $2200 was raised for the Great Plains SPCA.

Another pet masterpiece.

What can we say? Media love a story with animal attraction!

To top off the success of the fundraiser, we have to mention all of the free media coverage around the event, including the Kansas City Star. From calendar mentions and news roundups to TV appearances and social media buzz, the Pinot’s Palette studios showed their love for their community and even its four-legged friends.

All in all, it was a dog-gone great event.

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