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Welcome to the World’s Coolest Office

Want to grow a great company? Then give your team a great place to work!

One of our favorite things about working with so many entrepreneurs at BizCom is getting to see their creativity in action. We’re always so inspired by their business ideas, future plans, and in this case, their amazing workspace.

One that stands out is the office of Solera’s R3PI innovation team. Recently listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the “

World’s Coolest Offices,” it’s safe to say we are more than a little jealous of the workspace of this group!

Creativity paired with a “do it different” mentality is a must to join the exclusive R3PI team at Solera. The team, described as innovation at the edge of technology, draws inspiration from all around them at their undisclosed office headquarters. And, as you can see, there’s plenty of fun features to encourage them! Complete with vintage cars, fire pits, a shooting range and some wide-open views, it’s an office that people have a hard time leaving.

The space was designed by Solera’s Founder and CEO Tony Aquila. Staying true to his roots, Tony has come full circle from sweeping floors in his uncle’s auto body shop to running a multi-billion-dollar auto software company out of this ultimate garage-inspired office.

Now, who’s inspired to do a little office re-decorating?

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