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Want To Reach Your Foodie Audience? Don’t Forget Radio

BizCom Associates has extensive experience servicing popular restaurant brands, and after 16 years in business we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our clients interact with their customers through social media outlets and the impact it can have on their business. One channel in particular we turn to for social interaction is radio.

Yes, radio.


Wingstop’s food drop at CBS Radio Station in Houston, TX

Distinct advantages of radio

Radio offers distinct advantages when compared to other media channels. The turnaround time on receiving your on air mention is very short. The host can use your media advisory and release as a script, and often you can have an air check delivered to you on the same day.

In addition, radio almost always has a social media component. Most stations have their own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. As an added bonus, most station celebrities also have personal social media outlets. Dropping off a tangible item such as food samples provides the station and hosts something to document on their social pages, providing even more exposure.

At BizCom, we often leave the food with the crew. Before they begin eating their delicious samples, they almost always snap a picture to post on their personal and professional media outlets. This provides exposure to their most loyal followers, building credibility and trust among an audience most likely to be influenced. When a radio show host posts a picture of your product on social media, it creates an opportunity for your brand to interact as a person would. Their followers can add or follow you. In addition, if a customer compliments your product, you’ll be able to thank them publicly to further build the reputation of your brand.

Little to lose with media drops

Although media drops may seem pricey, you have very little to lose.

The cost of the media drop is minor when compared to the amount of time and money it takes to create your identity on social media. And media drops are not limited to radio. BizCom has arranged media drops with a variety of channels ranging from Jay Leno to Rick Ross, and all the way to local radio and TV stations. Recently, we worked closely with Pei Wei Asian Diner to promote the grand opening of their new location in Richardson, Texas, by securing food drops with CBS Radio and The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.


Pei Wei’s food drop at CBS station

The secret sauce for pitching radio is preparation

Since you are often dealing with high profile celebrities, organizing food drops may seem intimidating, but here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Identify the right person at the station — Just as with most media pitching, it’s important the right person at each station receives your media drop inquiry. At BizCom, we usually reach out to the producer or host of the station.

  2. Listen and learn — Listening to the station will help you become better acquainted with the type of topics they usually discuss. This will help you identify if they’ll be interested in your product.

  3. Share a news release or background information — Don’t leave the hosts with unanswered questions. Make sure you include a news release or backgrounder providing further insight into your event or product. Its’ not uncommon for this to be used as a script for your mention.


For more ideas about your next radio publicity campaign, please feel free to contact us at

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