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Want more franchise leads? Do it by the book!

Think books are old school marketing tools? Think again. In today’s online download society, books can be 1,000 times more successful at telling your story and generating leads. Just ask FASTSIGNS.

FASTSIGNS was one of 12 franchises profiled by internationally recognized franchise author and speaker Dr. John Hayes in his latest best-selling book “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015.” The book was originally published by BizCom Press in paperback and Kindle editions. More recently, Bizcom Press began producing individual titles for each of the companies featured and the “FASTSIGNS Business Opportunity” held the #1 Best Seller position for Franchise books on Amazon for nearly 3 weeks!

Of course, a book about a great business doesn’t guarantee results. It’s what you do to promote the book that matters. So before listed the FASTSIGNS e-book for three days of free downloads, the FASTSIGNS book promotion campaign went into high gear. And the impact was nothing less than fantastic. 

Fastsigns Business Opportunity

With nearly 70 book reviews posted by readers, the FASTSIGNS story garnered instant and important validation as a business opportunity worthy of more readers, and more potential franchisees! The free downloads created a snowball effect of enormous power and reach.

“Promoting a book turned out to be a great way to engage our franchisees, our prospects, and our FASTSIGNS community at large,” said Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. “The book served as a catalyst for people to comment not only about the content of the book, but also about the benefits of owning a FASTSIGNS franchise. It was a very effective way to gain credibility for the brand, and those comments remain on forever! We also enjoyed working with BizCom Press as they helped our team coordinate an effective publicity campaign centered around the book.”

“The book became an instant best-seller and amassed more than 1,000 downloads in three days,” said Dr. Hayes “It reminded me once again about the unparalleled value of real story-telling that a book can deliver. And in this day and age, an e-book can deliver a windfall of future business and positive reviews from existing and potential customers. Anyone who reads just the reviews will be wowed by FASTSIGNS’ opportunity.”

Case-and-point. No amount of old-world advertising that chokes large sums out of marketing budgets ever produces results like this:

Amazon Review of BIzComPR

“With more than 3,000 franchise opportunities now available in North America, finding a way to set yourself apart from the competition is more difficult than ever,” Dr. Hayes said. “The way FASTSIGNS earned accolades is proof that modern-day marketing with e-books is a way to do just that. And it will only get stronger as BizCom Press continues to cover the very best in the industries we choose to research and publish.”

The “Amazing Franchise” Business Opportunity series includes books about Farm Stores, Jani-King, Postnet, Dental Fix Rx, Pinot’s Palette and others. Want to get your story into a book? Contact Scott White at (214) 458-5751 or

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