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Turning brand renovation into headline news

Every day it seems that another company is announcing a new renovation plan or a logo update as the next step in their brand’s evolution. We hear about these design changes so often that we have grown accustomed to scanning over those types of stories for bigger headlines. But what if you could make your brand update the bigger headline?

BizCom client Red Mango recently announced a brand renovation. The company famous for its frozen yogurt wants to appeal to a broader audience year-round. With a new menu, new look, new products, updated name and a cobranding opportunity with Smoothie Factory, the PR challenge was to make Red Mango’s brand evolution announcement more than just the everyday restaurant renovation story.

From the Dallas Morning News to Bloomberg TV to Fortune to QSR, BizCom was able to generate coverage for Red Mango Yogurt Cafe in some of the biggest news outlets in the nation. Here’s how making more than frozen yogurt became one mega-hot story.

  1. Follow the trends — One of the appealing traits of Red Mango is the brand’s affinity for offering customers nutritious food options. So when Red Mango announced the chain was adding a fresh cold-squeezed juice bar, light café options under 500 calories and a line of cold-brewed coffees, the headlines were cooking.

  1. Create key market buzz – Timing of the debut of the new store design coincided with the grand opening of the 300th Red Mango location. That gave us a great reason to throw a larger-than-life party in the Chicago market, invite guest to taste from the expanded menu and tour a beautiful store. Beautiful visuals helped tell the story in local and national media outlets.

  2. Build on fan favorites – Red Mango has always been considered one of the best at creating delicious and healthy frozen yogurt. But pundits have questioned the future of froyo in a crowded market. That’s exactly why Red Mango could address the topic head-on with an elevated concept and a graduation to a much bigger business opportunity ahead.

  1. Provide an expert source – Red Mango Founder Dan Kim is a well-known visionary for the brand and a gifted speaker. Interview bookings with national outlets like Bloomberg TV allowed the founder to share the brand’s evolution, industry insider information and promote the company’s success.

Planning to renovate your brand? Make sure your PR approach gets a facelift too.

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