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The Value of Integrated Communications: Social Media’s Critical Role In Your PR Success

As shelter-in-place continues to be a part of our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that social media usage is on the rise. It has always been a way for us to feel connected with others, but recently it has transitioned into a tool for delivering news – which has been only amplified these last several months.

To put things in perspective:

  1. 46% and 51% of U.S. adults are using social media more since the outbreak began, according to The Harris Poll

  2. This year, U.S. adults on social networks will spend an average of 7 more minutes per day on social media than they did in 2019

As PR professionals, we’ve also had to adapt to this new and ever-changing pandemic-fueled environment. If more people are utilizing social media for longer periods of time, it creates expanded opportunities to enhance the impact of PR for our clients.

A great example is the way that BizCom’s PR and Digital divisions have been working together to create “account synergy” and maximize the results for long-time client Neighborly.

How Account Synergy Works

In June, we shared a thought leadership article by Neighborly Chief Development Officer Brad Stevenson on his LinkedIn account [Read article HERE]. But that was only the beginning. Instead of just letting the article sit on LinkedIn, we utilized it for our media pitching efforts to help position Brad as a business and industry leader.

This media outreach resulted in an interview for Brad with Franchise Times [Read it HERE]. Once that interview posted, Franchise Times shared it on their Twitter feed. We then had Mike Bidwell, CEO of Neighborly, interact with that tweet.

As all of this was happening, we were also in the process of sharing big news on Neighborly’s behalf regarding the company’s latest acquisition of HouseMaster, which brought the franchisor to 25 total brands under its umbrella. Mike’s interaction with the publication on social media, along with our PR efforts around the acquisition, resulted in another interview with Franchise Times.

Ultimately, this chain of positive publicity all started with one LinkedIn article. What resulted was a great example of why integrating your communications strategies can create a greater impact in the long run. Social media can play a part in enhancing your PR efforts, and vice versa.

If you would like to find out if you are taking full advantage of your social media platforms to amplify your PR messages, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a free analysis.

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