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The story behind the 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities

In just a matter of weeks after its release, the second edition of “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities” by our own Dr. John Hayes and produced by BizCom division BizComPress hit #1 in Amazon’s Small Business Franchise category and on several occasions since has ranked among the Top 10 in that category.

One of the questions we typically are asked is how we select these amazing concepts? So we want to give you a peek behind the curtain and share the process.

Dr. Hayes has worked with hundreds of the more than 3,800 franchise opportunities in North America, and after more than three decades in franchising as a franchisee, franchisor, professor, consultant, author, and international speaker on the subject, he has made a career of studying the various franchise concepts and franchise categories.

Like Dr. Hayes, those of us that have been involved in franchising for decades also recognize that most people know little about franchising. In fact, most people seem to think franchising is “fast food,” even though there are companies in at least 75 major industries that use franchising as their method of expansion.

Some of them are household names. Many, however, are not as well known or may have just entered the franchise arena.

At the same time, there are thousands — probably millions — of people around the world who would like to open their own business but may not be aware of all the opportunities in franchising or what’s involved in buying a franchise.

Thus was born the idea for “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities” — part instruction book for those trying to figure out how to select and buy a franchise (most of that content to be written by Dr. Hayes); and part opportunity for 12 franchise companies to tell their amazing story.

So how do we compile the 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities?

First, we use a variety of means to contact as many franchise companies as possible, whether by e-mail, at trade shows and industry events, through our industry contacts and other means. All are invited to send us a letter explaining why their franchise opportunity is amazing and, for a promotional fee, include their amazing story in the book.

Franchises that choose to promote their franchises in the book can provide their story themselves, which Dr. Hayes reviews and provides editorial suggestions, or they can request that we assign a writer to interview their executives and franchisees and write the story for them.

Dr. Hayes then interviews the company executives about the amazing attributes of their business and writes his own introduction to each of the opportunities.

The chapters are inserted throughout the book, amidst valuable information provided by Dr. Hayes about the risks and rewards of owning a franchise, researching and evaluating concepts, finding financing, and a variety of other topics designed to help anyone considering the purchase of a franchise to make a more educated decision.

The 12 amazing stories and other information in the book are not created or intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. Rather, the book is designed for information purposes, to sell franchises in a responsible way – that is, by educating people, giving them the resources they need to investigate franchise opportunities, and introducing them to 12 amazing concepts and, hopefully, pique the reader’s interest to learn even more.

As the book is prepared for publication as an e-book, a paperback and an audio book, BizcomPress then provides resources for the franchise companies to promote their inclusion in the book so that they can share their amazing story with as wide an audience as possible.

Are these the 12 “best” or “most” amazing franchise opportunities?

We certainly consider them amazing! And for many good reasons!

Are they the “best” franchise opportunities?

As Dr. Hayes consistently points out, there’s no “best” franchise because every franchise buyer is different. Buyers have different skills, different personalities, different behaviors, different reasons for going into business, and different needs. The “best” franchise opportunity for one buyer may be a disaster for the next buyer.

In addition, as Dr. Hayes points out, many people who buy franchises should not buy franchises. As he likes to say, “Franchising is not for everyone” and anyone considering the purchase of a franchise needs to know if they’re a good fit for franchising. Not nearly enough franchise buyers do proper due diligence before investing in a franchise.

Finally, as Dr. Hayes points out, even if you do everything right there’s no guarantee of success in business or franchising. There are a variety of outside factors, starting with the domestic and global economy, that can dramatically impact any franchise concept, no matter how established or successful it has been in the past.

The rewards, however, for those willing to take the risk and pursue their dream can be tremendous — whether it’s quality of life, time with the family, building wealth or a combination of reasons.

And that’s what makes franchising — and the stories featured in this book — so amazing!

We hope that everyone considering business ownership will read our books and be inspired by the amazing stories told. And if they have what it takes to pursue the American Dream they’ll find an amazing franchise that’s right for them — whether we’re the ones telling the story or not.

Who knows, perhaps one day we will feature their amazing story in one of our books.

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