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The PR power of podcasts

Imagine if you were the keynote speaker in front of a captive audience of 65,000 people who were listening only to your message. Then imagine that after listening to you they visited your website, they signed up to be on your mailing list, they found links to buy your books, and they even looked into becoming customers of your business.

Now consider doing all of that without getting on a plane to speak to them, without staying in a hotel, without fighting traffic to get in front of them in a big stadium, and without even getting dressed to be up on stage.

This is done more and more in the rapidly growing world of podcasts, a playground on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeart Radio and other online platforms that deliver key messages to highly-targeted audiences with explosive results.

That’s exactly how Dina Dwyer-Owens, co-chair of Dwyer Group, shared her message for leading with values in business and recounted growing a billion-dollar organization when she was a recent guest on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast with host John Lee Dumas.

Her audience continues to grow as that audience of 65,000 listeners in the first three days after her podcast posted continues to expand.

The same has happened on her interviews on The Ziglar Show with more than 76,000 downloads . . . and The One Thing podcast . . . and The Action Catalyst podcast . . . and so on . . . and so on.

And one of the greatest benefits is that the links live forever with shows like these!

Now hear this: Ad Age calls podcasting the zeitgeist of 2017

More than 67 million Americans now listen to podcasts monthly, and more than 42 million listen to podcasts weekly. In addition, some 80 percent of listeners will listen to the entire episode of a podcast from start to finish.

With the popularity of shows, like the Serial podcast from NPR achieving more than 230 million downloads over two seasons, the message is clear. The podcast form of message delivery, story telling, news sharing and more is here and gaining tremendous strength.

Beyond the attraction of video-delivered speeches (a la TED Talk style), the audio podcast has catapulted into the one form of high touch and broad reach with fewer boundaries and even broader appeal.

Podcast listeners can hang on every word of a speaker while commuting to work, working out at the gym, folding laundry, eating lunch or every other form of daily deed that can now be turned into simultaneously same-time learning and entertainment. Podcasts deliver on-demand content in the same way Netflix and Amazon transformed on-demand movies.

Likewise, this expanding communication form has become a PR and marketing tool that can maximize time and energy for busy speakers, business leaders and respective experts in their industries. Chances are, if you are looking for a media outlet to share your message, there are an array of podcasts specializing in your exact subject matter that can reach huge audiences.

When it comes to franchising, there’s a podcast, or two, or three for that

In the world of franchising, our own Dr. John Hayes has been on both sides of the podcast microphone. He regularly talks to some the most famous leaders in the franchising world who are invited guests on his popular “How to Buy a Franchise Show” that is available as a podcast and on YouTube.

When Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1 was meeting with hundreds of interested franchise prospects at the Javitz Convention Center in New York City during the International Franchise Expo this summer, he also taped an interview with Dr. Hayes on the How to Buy a Franchise Show that continues to reach countless others who never walked the tradeshow floor HERE.

And as an internationally recognized author, speaker and expert on the subject, Dr. Hayes often find himself in the guest chair promoting the power of franchising like this recent interview with Onward Nation.

But perhaps the most gifted interviews will leave you feeling literally hungry for more. That’s what Michael Poates, President and COO of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, might have achieved in a recent chat on the Franchise Today podcast, discussing the history of the iconic Gatti’s brand, new prototypes for the business, and where the company is growing.

That amounted to a national message from the comfort of an office chair with enough appeal to make pizza-lovers hungry to find out more about the business investment.

So, keep the earbuds handy. There’s some serious PR happening that is delivering measurable and impactful results using the power of the podcast. And at BizComPR, we’re booking calls way faster than booking plane tickets these days.

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