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The Faces Behind BizCom: Sarah Lofdahl

Meet the faces behind BizCom! We’re profiling all of our team members at the agency.

Meet Sarah Lofdahl! Sarah, originally from Shreveport, Louisiana and a graduate of Louisiana State University, started working at BizCom as an intern in 2016. She returned to the agency two years later as an account manager and works with a variety of clients ranging from the home health care industry to restoration and technology.

Why did you choose PR? During college, I realized I wanted to do something in communications. I love talking to people,

telling stories and sharing positive news. PR is the perfect way to accomplish all of those things. Every week is different, and I love how the industry is always growing and adapting.

Best part of working at BizCom? I would have to say the people and the environment. Living away from home has made my co-workers become my family, and I look forward to going to work every day.

I’m happiest when… I’m with my family. Throughout everything, my family has continuously been there for me, and they are my biggest supporters. With everyone still living in Louisiana, I look forward to our time together.

Best part of living in Dallas: There’s ALWAYS something going on. Whether it’s a concert, trying out a new restaurant or meeting friends for a night on the town, Dallas always provides you with something to do.

Favorite social media platform? Instagram because I love pictures and keeping up with friends and family.

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? Reese Witherspoon!

Song you can listen to on repeat: Anything Carrie Underwood or Adele

Go-to late night snack: Pizza rolls dipped in ranch

What’s something that will put an instant smile on your face? I worked at Walt Disney World before rejoining the

BizCom team, so Disney has a very special place in my heart. Whether it’s a Disney movie, song or commercial, it’s almost impossible for me not to smile when it comes to anything Disney.

Other interesting facts about Sarah:

  1. She’s super committed to Taco Tuesday.

  2. She ran two Disney princess half marathons and has the goal to run a full marathon in 2022.

  3. Some of her favorite hobbies include painting and practicing calligraphy.

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