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The Faces Behind BizCom: Rachael Briner

Meet the faces behind BizCom! Over the past few months we’ve been profiling team members at the agency.

This week, we are profiling Rachael Briner, the newest addition to our team. Rachael is currently a freshman at SMU, and she started working at BizCom about a month ago as our intern.

Position at BizCom? Intern

Number of months/years at BizCom: About 1 month

Hometown (or place you consider home): Dallas, TX

College/University: Southern Methodist University

Why did you choose PR?I took an advertising class with Professor David Hadeler and he advised reaching out to BizCom Associates. I wouldn’t be here without his recommendation, so thank you Professor Hadeler!

Best advice you could give someone looking to start their career in PR: Apply for internships! I have been here less than a month, and I feel like I’ve already gained so much insight into this career. It’s a great way to learn through hands-on activities, and a fun way to meet new people.

Best part of working at BizCom? The team! Everyone is so sweet, caring, and supportive. Everyone at BizCom genuinely cares about each other, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to work with this incredible team!

I’m happiest when… I love spending time with my family and close friends, so whenever I’m with them I’m at my happiest. It’s an extra bonus if we’re outside water-skiing, taking long walks, or hiking (hiking trails are pretty much non-existent in Texas- so that would be a HUGE bonus). It’s always a good feeling to have everyone together making memories.

Favorite team to cheer on: SMU Mustangs! Pony Up! (I’m a little biased)

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it (not work related)? For the sake of time management, I would probably split the hour in half. The first half I would spend writing posts for my blog, and the second half I would spend writing songs on my piano!

What’s an activity you have always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance to? I’ve always wanted to try skydiving… but the thought of jumping out of an airplane is terrifying. I might need some more time to think about it.

Favorite pastime: I love anything creative, whether that be writing blog posts, attempting a DIY project, writing songs, playing the piano, or baking. It’s very relaxing, and I always feel accomplished after I finish a project I’ve worked hard on!

List 2-3 things others probably wouldn’t know about you or “fun facts”:

  1. I’ve moved 9 times in my life!

  2. I lived in Germany for four years.

  3. I’ve flown a plane before.

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