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The Faces Behind BizCom: Ellie Marcum

If you thought we were done growing with last month’s new hires, you were mistaken! BizCom is excited to have Ellie Marcum joining us as our newest Assistant Account Manager.

Ellie, originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky where she earned her degree in Integrated Strategic Communication. Get to know her with us:

Why did you choose PR? I believe quality public relations is essential for companies to effectively operate in any industry. The creative scope of communication – from crafting convicting messages, to strategizing innovative ways to utilize media and advertising resources, and more – is so interesting to me that I felt I would be able to make a positive impact in the professional world by honing in on these skill sets. I’ve enjoyed dipping my toes into PR efforts for a wide variety of sectors such as non-profit development, sports journalism, campaign execution and event planning, which all have shaped my passion for storytelling and building positive relationships with many different audiences along the way. Public relations never gets boring!

Best advice you could give someone looking to start their career in PR: Professors are your best friends! Take the time to get to know them and enter into relationships with the ones who inspire you. If you work hard in your classes and take interest in learning from their experiences, they will help you form connections and build your skillset to leave college with the confidence to succeed in the professional world. Remember there is always more you can learn, and no question is a dumb question!

I’m happiest when… I am with my family and friends watching college sports! The majority of my family attended UK, and many of my friends graduated from SEC colleges, so cheering on our teams is such a unifying way for us to spend time together. Plus, I always enjoy a little friendly competition accompanied by buffalo chicken dip!

What’s something you have always wanted to try, but haven’t had the chance to?

I wish I had the upper-body strength to tackle rock climbing. I love the Rocky Mountains, and I feel like traveling the U.S. to climb would be such an interesting hobby.

Go-to Netflix shows: Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t even have a Netflix account! Jeopardy and ESPN are the only televised entertainment for me!

Ideal way to spend a weekend: I love weekends spent at Lake Martin in Alabama paddle boarding, wake boarding, driving the jet-ski, floating around the dock and enjoying the sunset over happy hour.

One talent you wish you had: I wish I was flexible enough to wow my friends with a few backflips or something, but right now I can barely touch my toes.

Fun facts others probably wouldn’t know about you:

  • I have a twin brother who is my best friend. And no, we don’t have twin telepathy, even though we pretend to.

  • I played soccer for 15 years but decided to switch up and learn lacrosse my senior year of high school. We went to the elite eight undefeated and somehow, I managed to score a few goals along the way!

  • I love to sing and play piano, and I used to be co-president of an acapella choir. Yes, just like Pitch Perfect.

  • I worked for the University of Kentucky Athletics Department and got to be a part of both a SEC Championship and a National Championship with the university’s varsity volleyball team!

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