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The Best in Food and Beverage PR

The rankings are out and (once again) BizCom Associates has been named by O’Dwyer’s PR News to the 2016 Top Food and Beverage PR Firms in the country. Published in the March 2016 issue, the list from the ultimate authority in our industry means one more coveted trophy in our lobby and a well-deserved congrats for our team.

Ironically, for an agency that hangs its hat on promoting the fine clients across our roster, it’s a little fun to promote ourselves as a result of some of that work.

We’ll be the first to admit that the vast PR landscape has provided some delicious opportunities over the last 16 years. And as food and beverage business has landed on our roster, we have enjoyed a taste of great work, exemplified in real-world results that have boosted the size of chains, added franchisees to the ranks, impacted same-store sales, made founders and CEOs famous and left us hungry for more.

We’ll drink to that! Food and beverage work has led to amazing growth and job creation.

Look well past those local-market grand openings. This is more than a business of ribbon-cuttings and limited-time offers from the menu. In truth, food and beverage PR is monumental in its impact.

After all, foodservice is the largest segment of the hospitality industry, which is the second largest employer in the country next to the good ol’ U.S. Government. So the best PR agencies are doing much more than ribbon-cuttings. Good PR agencies are supporting job growth, impacting local ecnonomic development, and enhancing a positive impact on Main Street America that continues to drive brands and the country forward.

A look at some of our favorite campaigns over the years always comes back to food and beverage-related work.

• The 35th anniversary of Taco Cabana included the remodeling of restaurant #1 to its orginal look and feel and a chain-wide celebration with 35-cent tacos. (Gracias!)

• Then there was the Wingstop World-Wide Wing Eating Championship we produced for Wingstop. Watch, if you dare:

• And who wouldn’t love promoting Valentine’s Day – the busiest day of the year for Edible Arrangements? Cupid delivers great stories!

A healthy approach to food and beverage PR is gaining momentum too.

Don’t assume talented agencies are only looking for the quickest national headline and a line of customers around the block. Some PR programs involve a truly healthy approach in more ways than one. For BizCom, some of those impressive and authentic campaigns have included:

• The introduction of Red Mango Frozen Yogurt into public school cafeterias. That’s right! Children deserve a healthy treat, and the award-winning menu at Red Mango is delivering that to big applause.

• The nutritious and delicious menu at UFood Grill that is so healthy, it helped its own executives lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This before/after weight loss story doesn’t get any better.

We’re sure there are many more delicious food and beverage jobs in BizCom’s future. We look forward to sharing those stories, driving brand growth, expanding franchise networks, increasing customer loyalty, and winning many more agency awards for our positive work in the years ahead. Cheers to that!

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