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Taking A Bite Out Of #Donutible PR!

Whether you prefer the spelling “doughnuts” or “donuts” (we’re using donuts) we think you’ll be excited about our client Edible’s newest “crunchible” treat, an Edible donut just in time for National Donut Day!

Edible Donuts

Officially launched nationwide earlier this week, Edible’s newest dipped treat is a donut-shaped crisp Granny Smith apple covered in 100 percent real gourmet chocolate. And it is gaining some serious media attention. You may have seen these dipped treats in USA Today, ParadeQSRElite Daily, NRN and many more this week.  And once you taste one you’ll see what all the buzz is about!

Edible had the opportunity to debut these sweet treats before the nationwide introduction recently during National Police Week. In partnership with Tyler, fondly known across the country as “Donut Boy,” Edible was able to donate dozens of donuts to Tyler, a natural spokesperson for this exciting new product, as he gave the Edible donuts to local police officers during various National Police Week events as part of his mission to thank every officer in America. This 10-year old with such a giving heart caught the attention of not only local Minnesota media, but also Edible’s founder and CEO Tariq Farid.

In true “Donut Boy” fashion, Tyler will be stopping in an Edible store (you can follow his adventures here) to enjoy an Edible donut and you can too as Edible is giving customers a free donut at locations nationwide today in honor of National Donut Day. Additionally, the donut excitement will extend until June 6th as Edible is offering BOGO deals on individual donuts and donuts by the dozen. Find your local store here and share the donut love on social with #donutible!

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