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Sharing Edible’s “Momible” Message

Sweet treats, welcoming new bundles of joy and an upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, sounds pretty “momible” to us!

Edible, Mother's Day

Following the announcement of a nationwide “ible” campaign, client Edible is looking to share the “ibles” that make up the delightible brand. After all, Edible is more than “giftible.” They’re “dipible”, “lovible”, “sharible”, and our favorite – “momible”.

So, looking to spread the “ible” spirit and timely for the upcoming holiday, we helped Edible launch a “Deliveries for Deliveries” campaign to celebrate and honor one of life’s most “momible” moments in a special place where every day is Mother’s Day.

And while Mother’s Day is routinely the single busiest holiday for the brand, it also has a special meaning and personal connection for founder Tariq Farid, as he credits his mom for giving him the confidence needed to create Edible, a brand that now has over 1,200 locations around the world.

With such a “sharible” message, Edible’s CMO Kaitlin Reiss, stopped by the New York Stock Exchange yesterday for an interview with Cheddar to talk Mother’s Day, share new products and more.

Inspired by Edible’s “momible” message, we wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and hope you have a great weekend filled with sweet moments!



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