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Seven ways to leverage awards and other recognition

Entrepreneur magazine recently released its acclaimed 42nd annual Franchise 500 list, and we are pleased to announce that 21 of our clients representing a variety of industries were included. Published annually by Entrepreneur, the Franchise 500 is a comprehensive ranking of the strongest brands in franchising from across all industries.

Awards such as the Franchise 500 are great third-party, independent validation for a brand but don’t let the recognition end there. Each time your company is honored you should be maximizing the recognition your team worked so hard to earn by turning it into a publicity opportunity.

You won! Now what?

So if your company is a recipient of a prestigious award such as this, what’s the best way to maximize that recognition? Here are a few tools you can use to leverage any type of recognition:

  1. News releases: Start with distributing a news release announcing the recognition directly to your contacts at industry and local business news outlets whose audiences will have an interest in the news. If the award is especially significant (i.e., your brand topped the list), consider distributing the news release on a newswire service such as PR Newswire to maximize SEO and obtain broader coverage.

  2. Website: Add the logo of the award to your company’s homepage and post the news release in the company newsroom.

  3. Social Media: Share the recognition across all your company’s social media platforms as well as via individual employee pages. If there is an awards ceremony, post photos of brand representatives at the event or of team members celebrating with the award in the office.

  4. Marketing materials: Depending on the significance of the award, the logo can be included in everything from each employee’s email signature to brochures and signage.

  5. Share external coverage: In many cases the awarding organization will conduct its own publicity campaign. Take advantage by leveraging any publicity the organization generates by pushing it out to your own audiences.

  6. Notify important stakeholders: Whether you’re looking to convince a franchise prospect to pull the trigger, sign a new agreement, or you’re eager to secure a new investor to fund your brand’s next phase of growth, make sure those potentially valuable parties are kept in the loop on all your latest accolades. The more they hear of your achievements, the more inclined they’ll be to join the fun.

  7. Blog: And, lastly, you can do what we’re doing right here. Post a blog about the accolade.

And the winners are...

Oh yes, those BizCom clients recognized in this year’s Franchise 500 list were 9Round, Restoration 1, School of Rock, ComForCare, CarePatrol and 16 of Neighborly’s home service franchise brands all made the coveted list from a competitive pool of 1,100 applicants.

The complete 2021 Franchise 500 ranking can be found here.

Congrats to all of our clients!


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