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Revving the PR engines for National Car Care Month

As we cruise into April is National Car Care Month, BizCom is loudly honking its PR horns for two new industry-disrupting technology clients in the global automotive ecosystem — asTech and Getaround.

With the auto-related trade and consumer media outlets focused on global car repair and preventative maintenance this month, both companies are actively talking “industry shop” about their respective brands’ customer demand, innovative automotive technology solutions and remote diagnostic services.

Getaround is offering insights on how its proprietary, on-demand technology monitors the automotive performance of its Power Hosts’ fleets for the peer-to-peer car-sharing platform. And asTech is sharing its executives’ thought leadership on the ever-increasing global customer demand for its ADAS repair and calibration services due to the complexity of modern-day autos.

To learn more, let’s pop the hood and check out the competitive, innovative engine horsepower that’s rapidly propelling these entrepreneurial brands forward in 2021 and beyond.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, asTech is the leading provider of remote diagnostic solutions and services to the worldwide aftermarket collision industry. The company provides cutting-edge, expert diagnostics using OEM tools to provide safe and accurate automotive repairs.

asTech also delivers the vital ADAS (automotive driver-assistance systems) remote diagnostics by using its patented adasThink device and access to ASE-Certified Master Technicians who are trained to be virtual diagnosticians. These asTech master technicians rely on ADAS to remotely service many vehicle trouble codes while providing real-time assistance when needed.

Collision repairers can easily identify ADAS repairs with software-powered estimate analysis and then unlock key safety-related repair procedures often overlooked by human estimators. asTech also offers mobile repair, key replacement, calibration services, and BlueDriver®—the #1 “DIY” consumer vehicle scan tool solution on Amazon.

BizCom’s strategic PR approach for leveraging asTech’s global thought leadership, industry-changing remote technology solutions and diagnostic services is twofold.

The client offers a vast range of B2B and B2C interest among the global automotive aftermarket industry, as well as the like-minded DIY diehards socially connected to the “Cars and Coffee” network for gearheads and the “anything on wheels with a powerful engine” enthusiasts. asTech was most recently featured in international automotive trade news for the company’s strategic investment from 3M , and 11-plus impressive U.S. and international business acquisitions. Coverage also included such influential industry media as Autobody News, Fender Bender and Aftermarket News.

With the world’s car-sharing marketplace projected to reach more than $100 billion by 2025*, San Francisco-based Getaround is at the forefront in providing the largest peer-to-peer sharing platform for consumer on-demand mobility. The brand’s community includes more than 2 million guests who rely on access to safe, affordable cars to live and work, and hosts who share cars on the platform, including those who operate their own car-sharing businesses.

The company has experienced nearly 80% growth since 2020 while launching in 26 new U.S. cities since the start of the year. Worldwide, Getaround operates in more than 800 cities due to increased demand among entrepreneurs and small business owners who are empowered by the company’s proprietary Connect® technology and the new Power Host™ program.

How is Getaround keeping up the competitive pace in this explosive race of a global sharing marketplace? Enter BizCom with its strategic PR roadmap for promoting Getaround’s new brand voice and Power Host program to global, national and regional B2C media outlets. From transportation reporters focusing on sustainable and clean transportation options during the pandemic to technology editors seeking innovative tools and industry-disrupting solutions in the global car-sharing ecosystem, BizCom is moving at full throttle with media-relations efforts and secured client coverage. Our most recent Tier 1 media hits were with The Verge and Bloomberg.

For April is National Car Care Month, BizCom’s PR storytelling is focused on Getaround’s Power Hosts with fleet sizes that have grown from an average of eight cars last year to 12 cars. The company also recently launched a Power Host program to help these entrepreneurs build, operate and scale their own car-sharing businesses in the easiest way possible. These hosts require vehicle repair data insights and preventative-maintenance monitoring services from Getaround, which includes vehicle inspections, Power Host/fleet account manager support and exciting upcoming product innovations relative to battery and fuel readings.

Stay tuned for these innovative tech mile markers!


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