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PR for Frequent Flyers

Founders, presidents and CEOs of companies are busy people. Their calendars are littered with airline bookings and hotel stays. But that doesn’t mean PR has to suffer because they’re out of the office.

In fact, when executives are on the road, PR efforts should be flying high too. There’s nothing better than touting an industry expert coming to town. And in one recent case, BizCom’s publicity team turned a special road trip into a homecoming bonanza.


On July 11, Edible Arrangements was celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Poughkeepsie market with a move to an even bigger store to serve growing consumer demand. That was the perfect time for Rob Price, president of Edible Arrangements, to join the celebration, congratulate local Franchise Owner Aislinn Smith and say hello to everyone back home in the city where he was raised.

BizCom queued up the media interviews for take off! It was a landmark grand opening for the new location, and the headlines also gave Price a chance to heighten the story with his love for his hometown, his passion for Edible Arrangements and the growth of an entire fruit bouquet phenomenon that stretches from Poughkeepsie to points across the globe.


Next time you are planning a business trip, ask yourself if this might be a great opportunity to also generate publicity for your company. If so, have your PR team get the word out to local media.


Are you ready for your story to take flight? BizCom Associates can make it take off. Contact: Scott White at (214) 458-5751 or

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