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Podcasts Speak Up in 2021

The results are in, and if you haven’t been pursing or accepting podcast interviews, your silence is not so golden. That’s because podcasts and their ever-growing audiences are on the rise, and a pandemic environment over the last two years has helped catapult these shows to new heights. In the U.S. alone, monthly listenership is predicted to increase 10% year-over-year to more than 117 million, according to eMarketer. And why not? Podcasts are a go-to tool for getting a message out in a timely and uncomplicated way. A guest doesn’t need to board a plane, drive to a studio or travel anywhere except a preferably quiet room of one's house or office to deliver a compelling interview. And, boy, are they worth sharing. In the PR world of earned media, it’s not just who tunes in to these shows that matters. It’s the ease with which you can share these shows with others [queue the “INSERT LINK HERE” idea] that makes podcasting a true gift from the internet and streaming platform angels. So don’t judge these shows only on how many people listen, but rather how many people you can share these with minus some pushy sales pitch. Start with franchise prospects, entrepreneurs with money to invest, and customers who need to hear your compelling message on their own time at their own pace. In a nutshell, there’s everything to like about podcasts in 2021, unless of course we’re discussing your lack of presence among them. And if that’s the case, let your New Years resolution include working with a great PR team to put you on this stage. As for these BizCom clients, we’ll let them...and these recent podcasts...speak for themselves. - Nothing says defy the pandemic like acquisitions and franchise expansion to more locations across the country. That’s the message Chief Support & Development Officer Mark Jameson, of Propelled Brands, shared on the “Franchise Marketing Radio” podcast with the most recent addition of NerdsToGo to the roster. Propelled Brands, which now includes FASTSIGNS, NerdsToGo and My Salon Suite, continues to put more flags on the map, and demand is strong for continued growth on the road ahead. - When homes evolved into schools and remote workplaces, demand for home services skyrocketed and Neighborly was quick to answer the call. CEO Mike Bidwell talked to “Franchise Today” host Stan Friedman about expanding the business, adding more service brands and how his own track record as a franchisee, multi-brand franchisee and now CEO of the world’s largest provider of home services has led to Neighborly’s goal to “Own The Home.” In Friedman’s words, Bidwell “went from a franchisee to the head of a franchising empire” and the neighborhood continues to grow. - Some of the best business stories happen when it’s not business as usual. That’s the journey that Restoration 1 President Tom Gissler shared on the "C&R Magazine" (Cleaning & Restoration) podcast. Contrary to common industry practices, Restoration 1 has been scaling in a different way and not going after national program work. As a result, the grassroots focus on customers (a.k.a. homeowners) versus insurance agencies has paid off with award-winning expansion for the network. - Everybody gained a new understanding of being cut off from the world during the height of COVID. Sadly, connecting with the most vulnerable population, senior citizens, also garnered big attention. This was the backdrop that provided much needed interest in a popular music therapy program at ComForCare and the ability to connect with loved ones addressing Alzheimer’s and dementia through the gift of songs like the golden oldies. Steve Toll, of ComForCare, joined the “Alzheimer’s Speaks” podcast to relay the popularity of the national program and how this and other services across the ComForCare network are connecting with our aging population. - Opening a business and being one’s own boss can be a challenge for anyone at any time. But doing it in a pandemic while also championing the cause for more women in a traditionally male-dominated field and succeeding is extra special. That was the conversation that franchisee Tricia Capps of The Grounds Guys in Waco shared on the “Grass Roots” podcast from Green Industry Pros. While other small businesses were trying to stay afloat, Tricia was trying to get one going. And nothing seemed better than tackling the great outdoors and a landscaping business with plenty of elbow room while anything that involved crowds and large gatherings went on hiatus. - Music is proving to be a great escape in these trying times. Just ask Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock, and a growing franchise network connecting with children around the world. In an interview with the "Global Franchise" podcast, Price shared his leadership lessons and a goal that doesn’t just revolve around the bottom line. His mission is equally focused on improving lives, which proved monumental in a lockdown with the public at-large addressing a new kind of anxiety and solitude. - Online shopping has never been more popular, and Somia Farid Silber, VP of eCommerce for Edible Brands, represents a new wave of executives taking e-tail and personalization into a bold new direction. On the “Where Passion and Purpose Collide” podcast, she shares a look at the evolving world of e-commerce and how someone who literally grew up in the business is driving change and innovation with astounding results. These are just a few of the conversations that would never happen in this depth and with these leaders in other mediums. Yet, podcasts are a perfect home and a growing option to share such news and information. We invite you to listen up, because 2022 is only going to turn up that volume. And our best advice is to make sure you are on somebody’s playlist.


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