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New from BizComPress: The Redneck CEO

BizComPress, our publishing division, is excited to announce the recent publication of our latest book The Redneck CEO: Faith, Hope & Hard Work, by Gary Findley. Timed to coincide with Gary’s appearance on Undercover Boss, the book is available on Amazon and other online outlets where books are available.

Working with BizCom co-founder and COO Monica Feid, Findley put together an autobiographical look at his journey from small-town Texas to successful CEO, helping build and grow some of the world’s most iconic franchise brands.

When Gary set out to share his personal story of triumphs over trials in order to inspire others through tough times, he never imagined readers would be living the ultimate example of survival after a global pandemic. That makes The Redneck CEO an extra timely dose of real-world inspiration about the possibilities in life that are within reach against the greatest of odds.

As Gary points out in his book, many people in the business community are left overwhelmed, burned out, and in search of solutions as a result of today's challenges, but his grassroots perspective sheds light on answers for the disenchanted and the secret to true happiness. In The Redneck CEO, he takes readers through his own business journey, from making millions to losing it all and starting over, all while staying true to his principles for success: integrity, faith, and hard work.

Gary credits growing up in the small, rural town of Axtell, Texas, for instilling his strong work ethic and unshakeable faith, the keys that have carried him through life. That foundation fed his entrepreneurial drive and led to running his own businesses, serving as a franchise owner of multiple franchise brands, and ultimately becoming an executive to grow some of the largest franchise networks across the country and around the world.

When others went to college, Gary went to work. College came later, and by that time, his previous company's global success was the first chapter in the book for his business class. Needless to say, he made an A.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of The Redneck CEO: Faith, Hope & Hard Work.


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