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National Entrepreneurs’ Day

Thanks to all the risk-takers out there! It’s National Entrepreneurs’ Day – part of National Entrepreneurship Month. And there are quite a few success stories we’ve been fortunate to champion as a result of some amazing entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and their ideas

An example of entrepreneurs making their American Dreams come true

We can thank Tariq Farid for putting the WOW in gifting, by founding Edible Arrangements even when others said his idea wouldn’t work. Immigrating with his family to America, opening a flower shop as a teenager, growing it to multiple locations and then launching a fruit bouquet gift line was a chance he was willing to take. And today the $600+ million business includes more than 1,400 Edible Arrangements franchise locations open and in development around the world that now represent the world’s largest provider of fresh fruit bouquets. It’s a delicious statement to one man’s ability to dream big and share that dream with others.

From nuts and bolts to data and software comes a billion-dollar reality

We can thank Tony Aquila, who went from sweeping floors in his uncle’s body shop to creating sweeping change in the insurance industry for how we digitally manage life’s most important assets – our homes and our cars. Today he operates out of one of the World’s Coolest Offices, his technology company Solera employs more than 6,600 employees around the world, and its software processes 230 million transactions for more than 180,000 customers every year.

When so-called dirty jobs create beautiful businesses

We can thank the late Don Dwyer Sr., founder of Dwyer Group, for his company’s mission “To teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier and more successful lives.” Today, with the incredible leadership team that has followed in his footsteps, Dwyer Group now includes 14 franchise brands and more than 2,600 franchise partners who account for more than $1.4 billion in system-wide sales. Sure, they do a lot of dirty jobs across service brands like Mr. Rooter, Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning and The Grounds Guys. And it all adds up to beautiful business.

From family business to manufacturing pioneer

We can thank Carr Collins who had a novel idea for a kitchen appliance more than 80 years ago. Fast forward, and the company he founded – Vent-A-Hood – is now a the oldest manufacturer of range hoods in America. The family-owned business stretching four generations has made the modern indoor range hood a mainstay. Along the way, it altered the course of residential design, made the “open kitchen” a possibility and propped up one of the most incredible Made In America success stories in modern, industrialized manufacturing. From the marketing of its door-to-door salesmen in the early days to today’s online 3-D do-it-yourself website, Vent-A-Hood has forged a reputation stronger than the precious metals of its finest creations in kitchens across the U.S. and Canada.

A masterpiece of an idea that has everyone saying ‘Cheers’

We can thank Craig Ceccanti, Charles Willis and Beth Willis for showing us how to “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.” What began as friends toying around with business ideas is now the world’s fastest growing paint and sip chain – Pinot’s Palette. With more than 180 studios across the U.S. and Canada, their organization has become one of the largest employers of professional artists in America and has simultaneously redefined the entertainment industry. Best of all, they’ve given people a reason to disconnect in order to reconnect with friends and family in a whole new way!

These incredible entrepreneurs pursued their dreams and created jobs, expanded their reach and influence and became incredible beacons for a strong economy. Here’s to all of them and the example they have set for others who dare to dream.

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