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My Experience as a Spring Intern at BizCom

By Stephanie Beckers

For my last semester as an undergraduate at the University of North Texas, I was fortunate enough to land my first public relations internship at BizCom Associates. I received the amazing opportunity of gaining hands-on experience in my field of interest with professionals who have vast experience in the spectrum of public relations.

spring intern at BizCom

When I began my internship at BizCom I didn’t know what to expect nor that I would gain such valuable insights that would help in my future career. I previously completed significant work at the Mayborn School of Journalism and although these classes gave me knowledge and understanding, being at an agency changed my perspective entirely.

Tasks that broadened my knowledge

Throughout my spring semester here, I learned how to compose some of the most important pieces needed to be a successful PR professional. Some of these projects included:

  1. Creating diverse media lists

  2. Producing social media calendars

  3. Pitching, following up with local news outlets and securing placements

  4. Drafting and distributing press releases

  5. Searching media hits for client publicity trackers

  6. Creating media recaps

  7. Blogging

Along with these tasks, I also learned interesting information about franchising that I had no prior knowledge about. I learned that franchising and consumer public relations are different in many aspects. Regardless of the different targeted audiences, I’m impressed at how well the professionals I’ve worked with handled diverse client accounts. Client brainstorming and learning about different experiences PR professionals undergo daily are some of the things I was fortunate to witness.

Media lists and research is vital for PR

When creating media lists, I was introduced to a software that compiled key influencers and media outlets tailored to your search. Knowledge of innovating technology in PR is useful for my future but old-fashioned research had to be done as well. I received tips from account managers on how to search for additional organic bloggers and potential speaking opportunities for clients. Researching media kits, contact information, and publicity opportunities were tasks I worked on to assist in reaching client goals.

Pitching to media and connecting with bloggers

Influencers make a noticeable impact in the publicity of our clients, therefore finding the right blogger to pitch to is key. I received hands-on experience on how to connect with bloggers and communicate with editors from different news outlets. After shadowing account managers on pitching calls, I went in and made calls myself! It was rewarding to see that a pitch I made led to a media hit in a newspaper.

Agency fun is always a plus!

Interning at BizCom is not your typical internship. Aside from the daily professionalism, we also had some agency fun. During my time there, I was able to attend an agency field trip to the movies to watch “The Post”. I also experienced some tasty food and treats from clients like Gatti’s Pizza and Edible Arrangements.

It’s always a pleasure to work with a great group of people

Everyone at BizCom has been helpful and patient with me during my time here. I’m thankful for the help and support offered to me during times I was hesitant on tasks being completed. Interning can sometimes be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s your first time and you’re learning how to do something new. At BizCom, I always received thorough guidance on how to work on projects —there’s no such thing as asking too many questions!

This opportunity was a very educational experience for me that enlightened my interest in agency public relations. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such professionals within the field. Although my time interning here has come to an end, I leave my internship with great additions to my portfolio and a new outlook on what goes on behind the scenes in PR. I received a new experience I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere and am confident that it will benefit me in my future career.

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