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More than 1,000 new businesses!

It’s official. The numbers are in and BizCom clients awarded more than 1,000 franchise agreements in 2022.

That’s 1,000 more small businesses, job creators, and local community contributors driving the economy and turning dreams into realities.

We already know that we work with the best franchise brands on the planet to elevate brand awareness and drive network growth. [In fact, we had 26 franchise clients named to the 2023 Franchise 500.] But it’s super powerful when people agree more than 1,000 times by making it their livelihood.

From home services to pizza, salons to signage, children’s music education to computer repairs and more, the franchisors we support put an astounding number of new flags on the map. Forget the negative chatter out there about recession and inflation. BizCom has more than 23 years of PR, marketing, and social media experience with franchise clients to understand the staying power and big-time growth of their networks despite the ebbs and flows of the economy.

Plus, the icing on the cake for franchisors and their record-setting expansion is shining a spotlight on their people living the dream. The men and women on Main Street America and around the world who know the true power of “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” are the franchisee success stories that fuel our passion.

Cheers to more franchise growth in 2023.

Ambitions are high for more people to join their ranks too. According to Franchise Insights: “As of January 2023, 76.6% of aspiring business owners are planning to launch their businesses within the next 12 months.”

And why not? A special study by Oxford Economics for the International Franchise Association shows that franchise businesses continue to outperform and outpay non-franchise businesses. On average, franchise establishments report sales 1.8 times as large and pay 2.2-3.4 percent higher wages.

Are you ready to grow? Come see us at IFA.

BizCom is outperforming too!

Last year, for resolution season, BizCom set the bar high to see 1,000 franchise agreements on our roster as more people become their own boss. Next, we’re off to the IFA Convention in Las Vegas to help more franchisors do the same. If you’re ready to set records like our clients, we invite you to come see us at Booth #328.

To schedule a meeting in advance, contact BizCom COO Monica Feid at or 972-743-7230.

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