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Making News Merry This Season!

Have you ever heard the phrase – “It’s a slow news day?” Well, sometimes the holidays are just that: A holiday from the news. And that’s mostly because many people who work in the news are … you guessed it … on holiday.

But that’s also why it’s a great time to insert easy-to-cover stories. You know the kind? The kind that can slip into any broadcast, load on any blog, or fit on any page and bring its own little bit of good cheer.

Because while many reporters, editors, producers, bookers and the like are headed on vacation, that’s oftentimes the best time to help the skeletal staff at a local news station, newspaper, radio station and more get their jobs done.

Look to your roster for happy end-of-the-year stories that media outlets can insert into regular coverage and “just run with it.” Here’s a sample of our good cheer at BizCom:

Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year for 400 Huddle House restaurants.

Christmas Day is the single busiest day of the year across the “Any Meal. Any Time.” Huddle House restaurant network. And a restaurant that’s open 24/7 might just come in handy when the newsroom is running on empty and looking for stories to tell. Why not tell this one? Huddle House has its own crew of “elves” serving up delicious comfort food and working when so many others have a day off. And that’s precisely the story!

While relatives are busy taking over the kitchen for dinner preparations at home, everyone still needs a place to go get breakfast. Or, how about all of those Huddle House locations at travel centers? It’s a perfect stop en route to that final Christmas destination when making that road trip. And, yes, rural America has its affection for that local restaurant in town that’s a fixture in the community…especially on Christmas Day.


Visit Huddle House on Christmas Day – the busiest day of the year

Edible Arrangements makes online shopping easy to WOW with gifts.

What about when it’s too late to hit the busy malls? Or, you didn’t make it to the post office on time to mail that perfect gift? No problem. Edible Arrangements gets more than 50% of its orders online, and business always peaks just before a busy holiday.

That focus on customer service also has been the key to creating a franchise network with more than 1,200 locations around the world. “We’re the last ones to celebrate a holiday. We’re working through the holiday,” says Tariq Farid, Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements.

That’s how loving, caring consumers make sure that something special arrives on time at grandma’s house. No, your sister didn’t forget to get you something. Yes, your best friend remembered how much you love chocolate covered strawberries. These holiday orders are just one reason that Edible Arrangements does more than fruit bouquets.

The company also manufactures it’s own holiday-themed containers for every occasion to ensure that supply can meet demand for the naughty who almost forgot and the nice who surely remembered. And, let’s not forget those New Year’s resolutions! Nothing says healthy and fresh like a fruit bouquet to say Happy New Year.


A fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements to say WOW this holiday season

So, when you’re in the business of sharing the news, but someone in the newsroom is on vacation, that doesn’t mean your story is too. Make it simple. Supply images, quotes, and access to timely interviews that fit this time of year. Then watch the media “just run with it.” Here’s to a happy news-making holiday season and a prosperous New Year ahead.

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