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Making a Groundbreaking Newsworthy

There are three things that come to mind when thinking of a groundbreaking ceremony: the speech, the official groundbreaking and the photo op. These ceremonies happen all over the country every week, and each one expects to earn media coverage and a front-page story.

However, they rarely ever do.

We’re happy to share though that it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, it shouldn’t.

If you’re looking to land coverage on the front-page of your local newspaper, you have to think outside the box. That is exactly what BizCom client Solera did when the company broke ground on its CESVI LIV Center in Justin, TX. And it paid off as a feature story in the Dallas Morning News.

In true Solera fashion, they didn’t just shovel some dirt and call it a day. Instead, Solera’s founder and CEO, Tony Aquila, jumped on a tractor and drove it through a wall to clear way for the new building. 

Talk about a great visual!

What made it even better is when DFW’s NBC5 camera crew strapped a Go Pro to the tractor capturing an up-close encounter with the demolition to share with viewers on the six o’clock news.

Using visuals to your advantage

The ceremony may have only lasted about 20 minutes, but it’s how those visuals were used that opened the door for more media opportunities.

Taking it a step further, if you want to continue having media interest between the groundbreaking and the grand opening, you have to share the “why.”

Solera broke ground on the first automotive research and training center of its kind in the United States. Pairing that with connecting the center to an already hot national news topic (the demand for automotive technicians) helped spark media interest even after the dust had settled.

Solera’s “why” gained its CESVI LIV Center four more media hits, including an article with FenderBender, two live interviews with Auto Lab Radio and the front page of the Dallas Morning News Sunday paper.

Continue to tell your story

The grand opening of CESVI LIV may still be months away, but media interest isn’t slowing down for Solera or the center as the team continues to tell its story to local, national and trade media outlets.

Next time your company is planning a groundbreaking and you’re looking to make it front page news, focus on what makes it different.

Ask yourself why your story matters? Do you have any great visuals? How does this impact readers and/or viewers?

Remember, a story can be newsworthy even before the building is completed!

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