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Learning All of the Things as a BizCom Summer Intern!

The years of sun-tanning, nannying and relaxing over the summer comes to an end for everyone at some point, and this year it was my turn. And although my skin isn’t as sun-kissed as normal, spending my summer at BizCom was an invaluable experience I couldn’t be more grateful for.

BizCom summer intern

Prior to the start of this internship, I had experience doing a variety of tasks for different companies, jumping at any and every opportunity to get experience under my belt. However, as the end of my junior year approached I strived to obtain a more stable and applicable summer internship in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After applications, emails and interviews I was lucky enough to receive the internship position here at BizCom. And as my last week wraps up I have highlighted a variety of opportunities this internship has brought me and the lessons I will carry with me daily.

Adjusting to Become Comfortable in the Uncomfortable.

This is not an easy feat to accomplish and something I learned how to do early on in my time here. The first couple of weeks was a learning process as I transitioned into my first 9-5 job while simultaneously being thrown into work I had never practiced in real-life before. Within my first two weeks, I was writing blogs for our clients’ well-established CEOs, attending offsite client meetings and creating media lists for prospective pitching opportunities. Naturally, I felt uncomfortable and unsure that I had the toolbox of skills that were required to fulfill my given tasks. But with every task assigned came a willing person able to guide me through the murky waters that sometimes appeared. I started becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and that is when I learned the most.

Learning “All the Things!” 

BizCom summer intern

With a team as supportive as this one, I was constantly thrown into a plethora of learning opportunities. I went from watching how a pitch is done to delivering them myself, researching influencers and sharing their contact information to being the start of the pipeline and reaching out myself. I was able to sit through client brainstorms and throw out my ideas to be a part of the conversation and contribute. A constant project throughout my weeks here consisted of researching influencers for client projects, setting up the connection, and tracking all of the media at the end. Influencers are increasingly becoming a bigger part of sharing a company’s message alongside traditional media, and PR professionals are having to adjust to that. Most of all, I learned how imperative good writing skills are and how everyone has their own writing style. My time here has helped strengthen my writing skills by daily practice and feedback, knowing that every person who edits will have their own way of phrasing something. Whether it’s a press release, blog or even email there is always a part that could be improved when it reaches another set of eyes! Everything is easier when you have help, and learning “all of the things” was made much easier with the people here who do it every day

BizCom summer intern

It’s a People’s People Kind of Field and Every Day is Different.

I knew I wanted to pursue this field when my dad told me it’s for people who like to talk a lot. Little did I know his playful comment to me in high school would land me a full-fledged dedication to this career as I approach my senior year of college! As silly as it is, working here has only confirmed his point to me, you talk to people every day and communicating with your clients is vital to success. Outside of what kids of my generation might tell you, talking on the phone and talking in person is extremely relevant! I have sent many emails over the course of my time here, but some of the most successful times were when I picked up the phone and talked to someone. This company shines an emphasis on the importance of not only constant communication but face-to-face interaction and phone calls. There is so much context that can be misconstrued in an email, text, etc. that sometimes the best course of action is to make the call or set up the meeting. On top of this, each day I was given something new to do and most of the time something I had never done before. Starting each day off with a 9 a.m. meeting helped us communicate who was working on what and it was a chance for me to add more things to my portfolio. Nothing about this line of work is monotonous and that couldn’t excite me more.

So, to the agency that has housed my first real-world job, I owe you a thank you. Beyond the hands-on

experience I can add to my portfolio, it has given me friends and memories I will cherish. Plus, there’s nothing better than the CEO giving you his wireless keyboard to sit in the conference room and call the hogs as they make it to the championship in the world series! Seriously, thank you guys for dealing with the roller coaster of distress that persisted those few weeks…. what you now know is known as the “

Although my time here is done, just know that when I see chicken salad, a sponsored influencer post, or a lobster grilled cheese (I hope this happens soon), I will be thinking of all of you incredible people at BizCom and the summer I’ll never forget. Thank you!

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