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Laying the groundwork for great PR in 2019

Before you get back into the same old PR routine you had in 2018, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the “basics” in an industry that is rapidly evolving. Here are four tips to laying the groundwork for a headline-worthy 2019.

Preparation is Essential

A solid PR plan and a roadmap for upcoming efforts is essential for starting the year off right. Even more important, and too often overlooked, is a strong crisis response program. It’s easy to put that on the backburner, but a crisis can strike at any time and hurt even more if you are unprepared, especially in a world where negative news can spread in an instant. Having the ability to tell your story first, rather than being forced to react, is essential.

Use Social Media as a Pitching Tool

Social media has officially become a key part of any PR toolkit. It’s important to continue using social as a place to maximize media placements and company news, but taking it a step further, 2019 is the time to use social as a tool to land interviews.

Twitter and LinkedIn can be one of the most effective tools for earning media placements by easily finding and following reporters who regularly report on your industry. From building Twitter lists of your targeted media to staying on top of trending topics, social media has become a powerful tool to landing your next placement.

Don’t underestimate the power of podcasts

Imagine reaching nearly 10 million people on social media- did you make a video go viral? Did you place an

amazing op-ed? No, it’s a podcast!

Podcasts have skyrocketed to the top of our media diet in the past few years, capturing nearly 67 million Americans every month. They reach captive audiences in places other communications tactics may not and do so in a unique and controlled format. People listen to podcasts at the gym, on their commute, or doing any other daily task that only requires them to listen. On a recent appearance on the CNN Business podcast, Boss Files with Poppy Harlow, Edible Arrangements founder Tariq Farid shared his story, and the resulting social media shares from CNN reached almost 10 million listeners! That’s a powerful PR win!

Influencers are on the rise

Finding the right person to deliver the right message is a common task we face in the world of PR. For years we’ve seen brands pair up with celebrities of all kinds, ranging from athletes to actors, but the consumer world has quickly evolved and influencers (yes, even those micro-influencers) are taking over!

Influencers are experts and trusted content creators that act as third-party validators for your customers and deliver your brand’s key messaging. If you aren’t already embracing influencer marketing, or have no clue where to start, we’ve broken down the basics and share how to get real results utilizing them.

Resolution season is a perfect time to shake up your PR tactics for your business in order to maximize your messaging. In an ever-changing landscape of new media, having an updated toolkit is the key to earning great PR in 2019.

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