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It’s Business Women’s Day!

Honestly, it’s way more than a day on our radar. We’re talking about September 22 being American Business Women’s Day.

And, quite frankly, we’ve been embracing the female trailblazers on our roster with some impressive publicity that flexes some serious business muscle for quite some time.

Kim Houlne has 110,000+ people to put to work in the gig economy

Before Uber was Uber and the gig economy became a growing industry, Kim Houlne identified a huge need in the workforce. Today, she is the CEO of Working Solutions with 110,000 agents on her roster to assist an array of client companies across America by working remotely. She discussed the growing demand for her company’s services with KRLD Radio on “CEO Spotlight” and talked about why there will always be a level of business that demands a human voice.

Gigi Butler is sharing some sweet news about America’s largest cupcake chain

Gigi’s Cupcakes continues to grow its franchise empire, and has opened new locations across the country while also showcasing the founder, Gigi Butler, and her secret recipe for business success. With more than 100 locations and more underdevelopment, there’s a reason the cupcake icing is swirling at record levels. Recent appearances include KDFW, Crain’s, Dallas Business Journal and more. We’ve been busy sharing her delicious story and how she succeeded against all the odds.

Dina Dwyer-Owens expands her message on values to a growing national audience

She’s one of the most sought after speakers, and there’s a reason her book Values, Inc. keeps growing in popularity. Dina Dwyer-Owens, Co-Chair of Dwyer Group, has been busier than ever with podcasts, business interviews, and public speeches to spread her message of living and leading with values while also introducing a growing consumer base to Dwyer Group’s new online platform: Get Neighborly. The latest stories have included Forbes, the “LEADx Show” and the “Take The Lead” podcast among others.

Yes, these women business leaders are keeping BizCom busy. So, instead of glass ceilings, let’s keep on talking about shattering publicity goals!

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