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Introducing our new philanthropic program, BizComCARES

Today we are very excited to announce our new philanthropic program, BizComCARES.

Launched just in time for the holiday season, the program is designed to empower our agency and individual teammates to give back to the communities that have contributed to our success and growth over the years.

Through this program we can rally our troops, friends and even clients to join forces as an agency to support causes dear to our hearts. Individual team members will also have the opportunity to provide their support to a cause that is important to them with the full backing of the agency.

Rather than select one or two causes to support as an agency, the beauty of this program is that as a fully-remote agency, it provides a way for BizCom and our team members to help address the needs of their communities, no matter where they live. There are so many worthwhile causes, and everyone has their favorite, so we decided to put the power of this program in the hands of our employees.

The CARES program also is an expansion on the CARE acronym that represents BizCom’s values with the “S” representing “Serving our communities and beyond.”

BizCom has set up a website,, where the agency and team members can showcase their philanthropic efforts. Organizations or individuals can also use the website to contact the agency requesting our support.

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