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Influencer Campaign School Is In Session

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Promotions or new product pushes have become common in the food and retail space. However, both of these industries are crowded and every brand is looking for a way to make their products promotions stand out while supporting in-store traffic and keeping customers engaged.

Traditional PR is the common tool to go after publicity that will share with the crowds what promotion your brand is running or what’s new. The dirty little secret is that this common tool is used by everyone in the space, and as a result we see lots of outlets combining all this news into round-up stories where your deal is shared just one click away from your competitors. Not bad but not the perfect situation, right?

So now you’re probably wondering, how can I get a story highlighting just my business?

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Imagine if you could give your brand’s key messaging to someone who has developed a highly engaged and large following online that trusts their recommendations on the same level as they trust a recommendation from a family member or close friend. That person then posts their own authentic experience with your brand using all the messaging you provided and shares with their followers. Intrigued? Welcome to the world of influencer marketing!

A savvy digital marketing agency can take your promotion or product and get it in the hands of the right influencers to share your message, introduce you to new customers and provide their own personal endorsement for your brand through a strategic influencer campaign.

How Does An Influencer Campaign Work?

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The short answer is that we work with your marketing team to craft compelling messaging for influencers to use that highlight what your brand wants to say. We then research the best influencers whose readers most closely match your customers and engage them to be a third-party advocate for your brand. This results in your product or promotion being shared in an authentic hit that can be an owned asset for you to share and further promote.

Now we’ll show you how it’s done.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Results

Our most recent Digital BizCom influencer campaign started as a result of client Mr. Gatti’s looking for the best way to share their back-to-school promotion. This promotion allowed families to take the kids to Mr. Gatti’s to enjoy the delicious buffet, play games and most importantly make memories together during a usually stressful time of year.

The promotion was a perfect match for mommy bloggers as they got to share their own family’s authentic experience of visiting their local Mr. Gatti’s.

The result is textbook worthy!

Through engaging five influencers, Digital BizCom generated the following results:

Earned more than 2.2 million impressions online across blog posts and social media

Secured 46 social media posts

Earned over 1,700 social media likes and 76 comments

Numbers are important in reporting how a campaign performed, but the real gold in these kind of influencer campaigns can be found in the authentic stories our influencers share, like this one from Rural Mom;

Mr. Gatti’s is so much more than just food and games, it’s time for you to bond with your children and create priceless memories. It’s the opportunity to challenge each other to see who can shoot the most baskets or bowl the best game. It’s a way to connect with your kids while participating in activities you all love.

That kind of endorsement is even better than messaging we provide!

If you have a new product or promotion or you’re just looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, let’s discuss an influencer campaign. Email us at or visit our website for more information.

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