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How I spent my summer vacation

By Susan Harling

After the whirlwind that was my freshman year of college, I was not looking forward to leaving my new breakneck pace for a long and dull summer at home.  So during the agony and torment that is studying for finals, I was more concerned with landing a summer internship than how well I knew the regnal dates of the Capetian kings. (Not to worry though, I aced “Intro to the Later Middle Ages”).  When I found out that BizCom Associates had an opening, I went for it.  And after extensive preparation for a round of interviews, a writing assignment and a lot of twiddling my thumbs by the phone, I got the job at BizCom.

We’ll miss our happy intern!

It was a wonderful opportunity that gave me the chance to learn and do so much.  Because of BizCom’s active client roster I was able to assist multiple people with multiple projects on multiple accounts.  I drafted press releases for Red Mango and Wingstop openings.  I helped create local marketing lists for a grassroots marketing approach for Taco Cabana.  I researched media outlets and bloggers to pitch Edible Arrangements products.  I learned the difference between franchise and marketing PR and the different approaches you must take to each.

Most importantly, I learned that PR is a business of people.  It’s not a faceless machine churning out numbers or power points.  The people here at BizCom always deliver for their clients because on an everyday basis they foster and form connections with other people.  Maintaining good relationships with journalists, local TV reporters and bloggers ensure that BizCom employees can always follow through.  They provide someone with a story and that person reciprocates by giving the client coverage and buzz.

So after a summer that flew by I can safely say that my fears of being bored were unfounded.  I met a lot of great people, had quite a few free meals and came away with a strong portfolio of work.  The personable approach of BizCom that exists with clients, with media contacts and even here in the office has taught me so much that is not only applicable in PR, but in any career venture I choose.

FULL AGENCY DISCLOSURE: No animals (or interns) were harmed in this test.  No, really. Our dedication to giving interns – yes, even a genius from New York City like Susan – a glance at real agency work is a serious goal. Our interns do more than fetch coffee, answer the phone and sign for deliveries. They get to test their skills under the supervision of senior staff members, add something to their portfolio that isn’t a hypothetical in the college classroom, and discover first-hand if this is a field they want to pursue. Oh, and we pay them! What’s not to love about that kind of workplace justice? Is there an awesome internship at BizCom in your future? Apply now.

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