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Don’t have an online press kit? What are you waiting for?

In today’s digital world where online communications increasingly dominate the way the news media operate, having an online press kit for your company has gone from luxury to necessity.

Like most of us, writers, editors and producers lead hectic lives. The more you can do to make it easier for them to access your information on their own schedule and terms, the better.


The good news is that you very likely already have everything you need in your “old school” press kit, which will make the process easier and faster.

Ideally, you should set up your own url that ties closely to your company’s main website. BizCom client Pinot’s Palette, for example, secured for their press site. It was built using a simple WordPress template and then it simply became a matter of transferring the information from the existing press kit to the online version.

The beauty of an online press kit is that unlike a traditional hard copy or PDF versions of a press kit, with an online version you have the flexibility of adding unlimited video, audio, photography and other materials.

WARNING: Don’t put anything on the site — press releases, photos, videos, etc. — you don’t want to see printed, displayed or broadcast.

You can also add a registration feature to capture information from members of the news media that visit your site and begin building a working relationship with those who have expressed an interest in your business.

If you have been debating whether to take your press kit online or have simply been procrastinating about having it done, think about the next time you are talking to a member of the news media who asks you to send a press kit or some background information. Think about how easy it will be — and grateful they will be — when you send them to your online press kit and they have access to all the information and artwork they could ever use.

It will not only make your life so much easier and more productive, but more importantly, theirs.


To find out more, or to have BizCom Associates help you enhance your presence online, contact Scott White at or (214) 458-5751.

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