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“Dear Pandemic: We Will Be Adding More Locations”

Did we just say something about business growth? Yes, we did. And it’s a very real thing that looks drastically different, brilliant, creative, and full of potential when you consider the way some brands are planning for growth and expansion in answer to the coronavirus crisis.

Take, for example, two organizations that have faced the recent challenges of 2020 head on and answered with innovative programs to keep on growing. Specifically, two global franchise networks — Gold’s Gym and Edible Arrangements — are up and running in as many locations as possible while also debuting brand new franchise opportunities in direct response to the effects of COVID-19 across the U.S.

Gold's Gym 10K SF floor plan

Gold’s Gym responded to changes caused by the COVID-19 economic downturn with a new scalable model that can be plugged into 10,000- and 15,000-SF footprints.

Gold’s Gym Introduces Scalable Footprint Franchise Model for Wave of Commercial Real Estate

Gold’s Gym weathered the lockdown by closing locations like all other gyms. However, that didn’t stop the powerhouse in fitness from thinking about the strong business environment ahead. The company took workouts online while also rethinking existing and potential commercial real estate opportunities.

As the brand effectively reopened gyms when and where local jurisdictions allowed, the fitness pioneer also bulked up franchise development goals by unveiling a scalable footprint gym model as an attractive alternative for the changing real estate market. What has long been a 40,000+ square-foot, big box presence across the U.S. and in countries around the world can now be plugged into a 10,000 – 15,000+ square-foot experience.

The Dallas Morning News reported: “Gold’s is touting the scalable model as a way for investors to take advantage of commercial real estate deals that it expects to result from the COVID-19 economic downturn.”

It will also give the brand access to areas where big box real estate isn’t even an option. CEO Adam Zeitsiff told the Morning News, “What we really realized is that there are urban areas, there are countries around the world where you can’t get 3,000 square meters or 30,000 square feet.”

Edible CEO Tariq Farid interview

Edible founder and CEO Tariq Farid prepares to discuss the brand’s new Manage-to-Own franchise opportunity.

Edible Launches Manage-to-Own Program for New Franchisees

As it was deemed an essential business, not only did Edible stay open during the pandemic, but the brand’s 1,000+ stores have achieved record sales while supporting their communities this spring.

Same-store sales across existing locations were up more than 60% in April over last year, followed by a record Mother’s Day in May. And the innovation to offer whole produce boxes continues to elevate the brand as more than a gifting destination.

Founder and CEO Tariq Farid saw this kind of track record as motivation to share the Edible franchise opportunity with more people, including those who otherwise could not afford it. Edible looked at a record-breaking spring during the pandemic as proof of its business strength and then decided to debut its Manage-to-Own program.

“I had an America dream that became a reality,” Farid told FOX5 TV in Atlanta. “How can we make it happen for other people?”

As many as 30 new franchisees could enter the system by training and operating an Edible location without the traditional costs or financial requirements of new franchisees.

Farid told QSR Magazine “There’s more people like me out there that are just hard workers that may not financially have the wherewithal. So we’d love to back them.”

As these examples have shown, it’s not business as usual in 2020. Neither are the franchise opportunities. The challenges presented by the coronavirus have launched creative programs for aggressive and positive franchise growth.

While these brands are household names, their ambitions to continue sharing a great thing are stronger than ever.

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