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BizComPR client Pinot’s Palette shows us how to “Disconnect to Reconnect”

In 2016, Nielsen reported that the average American was spending more than 10 hours per day on electronic devices, an increase of one hour a day from just a year earlier. Now more than ever, it seems, our lives are tethered to digital distractions, leaving us exhausted, disconnected and at times lonely. And BizCom client Pinot’s Palette has a solution.

Ahead of National Unplugging Day on March 3rd, Pinot’s Palette is urging everyone to trade in TV screens and mobile devices for an evening of painting.

To support their effort, the world’s fastest-growing paint and sip destination has unveiled a new animated video that invites the public to “Disconnect to Reconnect.”

The video features a young couple, living in a world filled with digital distractions. Tired of taking each other for granted, they discover a fun and meaningful connection by trading in their distractions for paintbrushes in order to enjoy an evening at Pinot’s Palette.

The Importance of Putting Aside Digital Distractions to Reconnect

Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder and CEO of Pinot’s Palette, can relate to feeling disconnected.

“I was taken aback by the amount of time the average adult spends on their digital devices, and I’m just as guilty as the rest,” he said. “I used to do household chores with earphones in, but one day my wife asked me to take them out because she felt disconnected. I was missing out on the family moments that happen organically during daily tasks. This campaign is one way to encourage all of us to pay better attention to the things that matter.”

An Important Message Year-Round

Pinot’s Palette plans to continue spreading this message year-round. Along with partnering with national and local influencers to encourage their readers to disconnect to reconnect, the campaign will be promoted through a variety of channels including social media sharing with #DisconnectToReconnect, a national YouTube pre-roll ad campaign and franchisee engagement by showing the video in studios before class and during breaks.

As PR professionals, staying connected and plugged in is vital to being successful in our job. However, our success is also based on the relationships we build with our clients, journalists and our colleagues. So thank you Pinot’s Palette, for spreading this important message of taking time to unplug. We can all benefit from a few technology-free hours!

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