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BizCom Welcomes Museum of Illusions to the Growing Family

No… This isn't an illusion. We aren't trying to trick you. We keep growing!

We are proud to announce that we have added the Museum of Illusions to our ever-expanding family of world-class clientele. Through integrated campaigns that blend traditional PR with digital programs, BizCom is helping accelerate national and international growth for the Museum of Illusions.

Museum of Illusions is a place where nothing is as it seems and where the unbelievable becomes a reality. A pioneer of the "edutainment” concept, Museum of Illusions has over 35 locations in 24 countries, with an additional 20 locations slated to open soon.

Each location fuses fun and entertainment with education and learning. This allows guests to enter the fascinating world of mental deception through exhibits such as optical illusions, holograms, installations and interactive illusion rooms based on math, science and psychology.

As an agency that values innovation and creativity, we are excited to partner with the Museum of Illusions and help them accelerate their global growth and help reinforce their position as the industry leader.

Let's just say we had our mind's blown by the mysterious and fascinating world of illusions. Go check them out for yourself! Don't take our word for it.

To find a Museum of Illusions location near you can visit


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