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BizCom PR Named One of Entrepreneur’s Top Franchise Suppliers

Call us cliché but at BizCom we’ve seen firsthand how the franchise business model allows people to go into business for yourself, not by yourself. As it turns out, Entrepreneur is calling one of our favorite franchise phrases cliché, but they’re calling us something else — one of the top PR agencies for franchises. 

We like to think of ourselves as experts at promoting our roster of franchise clients, as we have been doing for almost two decades, and we love helping them shout from the rooftops when they’ve won an award or have exciting news to share. 

BizCom named as one of the top franchise suppliers by entrepreneur

We’re not so comfortable bragging on ourselves, but sometimes we can’t help celebrating an honor — like being part of Entrepreneur’s first-ever ranking of franchise suppliers.

This ranking comes at an exciting time as our agency just celebrated 19 years this past week. Over the years we’ve been honored to help franchise brands of all sizes in a wide range of industries share their inspiring stories.

No matter the industry or size of the franchisor, there’s a common denominator that keeps us hooked. Franchises always come with some pretty amazing stories, and we consider ourselves to be pretty good storytellers. One thing is for sure — franchising has never left us without a great story to share.

If you’re ready to share the story of your franchise brand or your franchisees, we’d love to talk to you. After all, it’s something we’re pretty good at — and we’re not the only ones that think that! You can check out Enrepreneur’s full ranking of the top PR agencies for franchises here.

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