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BizCom celebrates 18 years of PR success, looks to #thefuture

We’re #adulting. BizCom Associates is officially 18 years old!!

It also means we’re voting age. So, we did what any honest, all-American business would do and held an election on where to celebrate. The ballots were stuffed, and an evening of cheers, beers, bowling and games at the local Pinstack won the occasion.

Then we got serious, like every 18 year-old after a party.

We enjoyed a day-long off-site retreat to review the teams we’ve created, the work we’ve produced, the companies and brands that we’ve built and where the industry and the agency is headed moving forward. And here are a few things we’ve learned over 18 years in the Biz:

1) PR is more fun than ever before. There is a more cynical, connected and educated public that doesn’t want to be advertised to and told what to think, how to buy, who to embrace, and more. Yet, deploy a good PR program, and the needle really moves.

Plus, did we mention that we have awesome clients where we do this? That helps too!

2) Success is dictated by access. Great PR campaigns materialize with brands and people who take the call, do the interview, write the guest column, or make the speech? All with our help, of course. We get contacted by prospects all the time who want to be just like that guy on our roster that they see everywhere these days.

“And you’ll give us the same kind of access that he does, right?”

Because that is way better than drumming up interest only to have a client decline the opportunity. But we get it. Important people can also be very busy people. And that brings up the next thing…

3) Self-generated content is supreme. Sometimes the best person to tell your story is you. Or a great agency that knows your voice.

In short, we help clients secure more guest columns, CEO blogs, op-eds and authoritative pieces than ever before. Wait, you don’t have a voice on your LinkedIn account, and you have 5,000 followers?

Did you not see the “Write an Article” button?

Right. Who has the time? We do!

You would be surprised how self-generated content gets liked, followed, shared and leads to stronger SEO for your brand, media exposure, incremental sales for your business, and a growing role as a thought leader beyond the all-important job title.

4) A good agency is invited into the decision-making process from the start. Don’t ask for a press release on a new product launch that was never researched with your target buyers?

The best programs come from PR and marketing research where buyers tell you what they want first. Then you WOW them, and so does the marketing program. Don’t look for us just to drive publicity. Let us help you drive sales, customer acquisition and so much more. That’s stuff you can actually measure.

So, let’s recap.

  1. After 18 years, we are having fun.

  2. We are working with brands and executives who show up when opportunities happen.

  3. We put the ghost in writing.

  4. We have a seat at the table.

  5. And we have clients that seek our guidance. They don’t pay us money, and then tell us how to do our job.

That’s an awful lot to celebrate.

Now, let’s eat cake!

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