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BizCom Adds Two New Brands to Our Growing Family

We’re very excited to announce the addition of two new franchise brands, Valhallan and Iron 24, to our rapidly expanding roster of clients.

Both Valhallan and Iron 24 are new franchise concepts created and launched by FranchiCzar, a developer of world-class software services designed to help franchise brands scale their growth and operations. A third concept is expected to launch later this year, and FranchiCzar is also seeking growth through acquisition.

Based on the explosive growth of esports, the Valhallan franchise provides the ultimate environment for developing competitive gaming skills. The brand offers a nine-level, 18-month training program where young players realize their potential as esports athletes while exemplifying values like sportsmanship and teamwork. Valhallan also has a ranking system and competitive opportunities ranging from regional, national, and international tournaments.

Iron 24 is a 24-hour, low-cost, zero-staff fitness franchise concept that allows members to seamlessly join and access any club worldwide, all from an app, thanks to advanced technology. Iron 24 clubs offer a full array of top-quality free weights and cardio machines in a clean, convenient, and welcoming space – without the sales pitch.

We will support FranchiCzar and its concepts through an integrated media relations and digital PR and marketing communications program designed to promote the brands to consumers and potential franchisees.

As an agency that values innovation and creativity, we're very excited about the opportunity to introduce these two truly innovative brands to the marketplace. We expect each of these concepts to quickly become major forces within their industries and the franchise community.

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