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BizCom Adds ComForCare and CarePatrol to its Growing Roster of Clients

Long before it was a trendy buzz phrase, BizCom’s latest client believed in helping you “live your best life possible.” That’s the motto of our newest client, a multi-brand franchisor that specializes in brands and services across the continuum of care for aging adults.

Backed by the Riverside Company, the franchise brands include ComForCare, a premier provider of home care, and CarePatrol, the nation’s largest senior placement organization, with aggressive plans for additional expansion.

Led by CEO Steve Greenbaum, a franchise industry veteran and former chairman of the International Franchise Association, the aim of the multi-brand franchise company is not just about home care, but about complete wellness and the “live your best life” philosophy for those dealing with the challenges of aging, recovering from an injury or living with a chronic medical condition.

“We have aggressive plans to elevate the standards of home care, as well as expand our organization to include multiple brands that serve older adults in a more holistic way,” said Greenbaum. “We are excited to have BizCom as our partner to help us reach new heights in our mission to help aging adults and their families live their best life possible.”

With the number of Americans aged 65 and over projected to double from 46 million in 2016 to over 98 million in 2060, there couldn’t be a better time to educate people about ComForCare and CarePatrol.

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