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Being a Leader: It’s time to start blogging

At BizCom, we work closely with many business leaders from our client companies. Many of them wonder what they could do more to benefit their business, and eventually, leverage their personal branding. In this digital world where content is king and people are relentlessly browsing for business opinions and good leadership skills, perhaps there is no better answer for this than starting a personal blog.

Where to start a blog?

Blogging about the business is the simplest answer. While your company’s blog focuses on the business side with recent updates on product development or company expansion, a CEO blog can be dedicated to the company’s culture and community relations as well as philanthropic initiatives, hobbies, and other topics of interest that show a personal and genuine side of a leader to partners, clients, employees, and surrounding communities.


Take Tariq Farid’s blog, for example. Tariq is founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements as well as technology companies Naranga and Netsolace and has created his on philanthropic Tariq Farid Foundation. He uses his blog to share stories about Edible Arrangements franchisees and employees, advances in technology and the individuals and organizations that his foundation supports. His blogs have been widely shared on social media. Plus, Tariq’s personal blog helps send a lot of traffic to the company website and create brand awareness for his brands and, most importantly, readers “get to know” Tariq on a whole new level.

However, a quick tour to the best CEO blogs offers a variety of exciting ideas. Seth Godin is well known for his casual yet insightful marketing stories, which demonstrate his leading expertise in the field. Or Mark Cuban covers various topics of interest, ranging from the current tech scene, entrepreneurship, sports marketing to U.S. politics and the economic landscape. As a result, his blog engages a wide range of audiences.

A personal blog site offers you a platform to showcase your expertise, discuss relevant entrepreneurial news and express your opinion. So if you are wondering how to start a blog, ask yourself: What do you truly care about that could engage your audience?

Write regularly, and engage your audience!

Not only do you have to come up with some ideas to blog about, whether they are business updates or personal interest. But also, you must blog regularly to attract new followers and maintain the conversation with your loyal fans.

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, does a phenomenal job on keeping his blog up-to-date. He usually publishes one or two blogs every week, and even daily when promoting the #HungerChallenge to support the San Francisco – Marin Food Bank 2015. With hundreds of shares for each of his blog posts, Craig is able to spread the word and generate lots of support for his philanthropic initiatives.

From a more technical point of view, writing blogs regularly means you keep your personal site searchable for search engine crawlers, as Google ranks your site based on the frequency of how often it is updated. Hence, by writing regularly, you will engage more with your audience and let potential followers discover your site.

Final tips for starting a blog

We know that starting a personal site takes a lot more work than simply generating ideas and putting them into words. And, we understand that as a business leader, you might ponder how you could possibly make time for this time-consuming side project, not even thinking about “search engine crawler” and relevant tech terms.

Indeed, publishing a personal site and making it a top CEO blog takes a lot of work. So our tips are to create your own ideas, write often, and also to blog with support. Especially with the constant updates on search engine optimization (SEO) rules by Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, it is advisable to find support from a communication team to make your blog better optimized.

However, hard work pays off. As a leading PR and communication firm for franchise companies, we have been supporting our clients to tell their stories via CEO blogs. If you have any questions about starting a blog or SEO, please feel free to contact BizCom Associates at 214-458-5751 or

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