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Are you ready for bad news?

As some well-known restaurant chains like Subway and Twin Peaks have discovered over the past month, bad news often comes when you least expect it.

And in our world of instant communications, the speed at which a story can drag your name and your brand through the mud is now measured in milliseconds. 

Is your company ready if it happens to you?

For decades, we have been proactively helping clients develop crisis plans before they are needed.  It’s time consuming. It costs money. But when the crisis strikes, as it eventually will, the ability to respond professionally rather than react emotionally is worth every penny and every minute you spend putting a plan in place.

Crisis plans are not the place to cut corners, push until next year’s budget or struggle to find the time to prioritize. Because when a crisis hits, it rapidly becomes the top priority.

The most common crises your company should be aware of

Ask yourself if your company is prepared to handle one or more of the following:

  1. workplace violence

  2. arrest of a company officer or employee

  3. robbery or burglary

  4. layoffs

  5. sexual harassment

  6. assault and/or battery

  7. natural disasters

  8. hostage situations or kidnapping

  9. financial difficulties

  10. controversial advertising

  11. employee strikes 

  12. lawsuits

  13. negative legislation

  14. extortion or embezzlement

  15. class-action suits

  16. accidental death

  17. food poisoning or health scares

  18. protests or demonstrations

These are just a few of the potential problems your business may face one day when you least expect it. 

What will you do when it happens?

If the answer is, “I’m not sure,” you should contact us today.  We can’t prevent a crisis from happening, but we can have you prepared when the bad news hits.

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