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Almost 800 new businesses!

Attention, pandemic: We will be adding more franchise locations…once again. That’s the attitude our clients had in 2021. And the numbers don’t lie. Across the board, franchisors that we support awarded nearly 800 franchise agreements last year. We repeat: NEARLY 800 FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS.

Nobody knew what the pandemic would do to the business landscape until it hit us on a global scale. But, guess what? Fear of the unknown can be a real inspiration. The pandemic gave people time to really think about their lives, their careers, their time with loved ones, and more. Better yet, that’s still happening! People have come face-to-face with not liking jobs, not being in control of the future, not being the boss, not having enough family time, not seeing a pathway towards retirement. At every turn, time during COVID has made franchise opportunities more attractive. We should know. We’ve been very busy championing that message. Strong communications and marketing programs have never been more important. Reaching target audiences with stories of business success has never been more rewarding. And presto! Capturing a large mindshare of men and women eager to make a career change is evident with flags on the map. More importantly, that wasn’t just in the hands of media outlets. The franchise leaders and brands that we support and the digital content that they share have exponentially changed the landscape of franchise development. [Read “Neighborly’s Vision to Own The Home” by CEO Mike Bidwell.]

A path to a better future

BizCom spent the last 12 months showcasing why our clients are a path to a better future. [Read “How Little Caesars Plans to Bolster Market Share”.] And that message was as important for employees as it was for business owners. [Read “ComForCare named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Aging Services”. ] Whether it was record sales as an essential business; job creation during high unemployment for other industries; financial security for the road ahead; and, yes, even the journey for changing job titles from employee to boss; the clients that BizCom supported in 2021 had a great year. Some even set all-time expansion records. Collectively, that catapulted BizCom towards a new milestone too. Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 ranking of the best franchise opportunities now on newsstands includes a record-setting 20 franchise brands from the BizCom client roster.

So, what’s our prediction for 2022?

More of the same. Let us be the first to say we don’t want to go back to the so-called normal. People are in the driver’s seat of their futures at a whole different level today. That’s how it should be. Maybe it took a scary virus to get people to spring into action. Maybe workers finally had enough trying to climb the corporate ladder. Maybe layoffs or furloughs were the final straw. Maybe quitting a job and heading in an entirely different direction was a brave new step into a more rewarding future. Whatever the reasons, we have nearly 800 examples of a Happy New Year. We couldn’t be happier to play a role in promoting their brands. So on behalf of our clients, who are already raising the bar for bigger expansion goals this year, let’s go! It’s resolution season, and BizCom wants to see 1,000 more people become their own boss.


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