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A Journey of Growth, Connection and Transformation at BizCom Associates

As I conclude my internship at BizCom Associates, I can't help but reflect on the incredible experiences and knowledge gained over the past four months. My journey at BizCom has been more than just a series of exciting projects; it's been defined by the incredible relationships built at the agency. Working as an intern in the client relations division has underscored the critical importance of both connections and industry knowledge in the PR field.

Developing Core PR Skills

Throughout this internship, I was able to take part in a lot of really cool and impactful projects, each presenting a unique opportunity to apply and expand my skills. 

Participating in strategic six-month planning sessions provided me with a firsthand look into the process of developing and executing successful PR campaigns. Additionally, crafting creative decks and recap reports offered a hands-on experience translating complex data-driven information into visually compelling narratives.

Gaining Hands-on Experience

In terms of skills and knowledge gained, my time at BizCom has been a true game-changer. Writing LinkedIn articles honed my ability to effectively convey messages, tailoring content to suit the unique needs of diverse clients. Crafting press releases became a lesson in the art of succinct storytelling and learning how to tie timely news into releases, a vital skill in the dynamic realm of PR. Lastly, coming up with ideas for pitching angles and creating research documents taught me how to be creative and smart in ways that align well with client needs, and not to be afraid of coming up with big ideas! Additionally, I gained a valuable understanding of the significance of working seamlessly in a cross-functional team and the ins and out of agency life. As my internship at BizCom comes to an end, I carry not just new skills but also a deep appreciation for making connections and navigating the ever-changing PR landscape.

Mentorship and Teamwork

I would also like to give a special acknowledgment to Sylvia Shtraym, my internship advisor, for her mentorship and support throughout my internship. My gratitude to August Johnson, Vice President of Client Relations, for fostering a collaborative and positive environment within the client relations division. I would also like to express my thanks to Scott White, CEO and Founder, and Monica Feid, COO and Co-Founder, for their visionary leadership in establishing and nurturing this strong agency. Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone at the agency for their collective contributions to making this experience both enriching and memorable!

The Next Chapter

Looking ahead, I'm excited about the next adventure. In the new year, I'll be heading to grad school to study digital communications–a field I am deeply passionate about and hope to continue working in throughout my career. The skills and knowledge I acquired at BizCom have well-prepared me for this new academic and professional journey.

Reflecting on these past four months, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to apply these invaluable lessons in my studies and beyond, I am confident that the experiences gained at BizCom have built a strong foundation that will continue to serve me well as I go throughout my career.

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