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Case Study

Allen Americans

Look Like Champions

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The Challenge

With four league championships and nine straight playoff appearances, the Allen Americans ECHL minor league hockey team entered the 2018-2019 season as one of the most successful sports franchises in Dallas-Fort Worth. Despite success on the ice, however, research revealed that the Americans ranked only 13 out of 18 DFW area professional and minor league teams for overall awareness.

The survey also revealed that suburban DFW families are enticed by local opportunities, and the Americans’ central location offered significant potential to attract new fans. Lastly, research on the team’s existing fans revealed that access to players and close interactions with members of the team ranked highest in importance of their experience.

The Americans partnered with Digital BizCom to create a cost-effective 10th Anniversary social media campaign to increase followers of the team with the ultimate goal of driving more traffic, and potential ticket-buying fans, to the Americans’ website.

Following a social media audit, we provided strategic counsel to the Allen Americans with the goal of creating content that would increase page engagement. Additionally, we reviewed their existing social ads for optimization opportunities.

The Solution

Working together, the Americans and Digital BizCom set the following objectives:

• Develop a social media advertising plan to increase the ROI of ads by 25%,

• Develop visual storytelling opportunities, including video and graphics, to showcase the “Americans experience” and increase video viewership by 50%,

• Increase new visitors to the website, which was almost evenly split between new and returning visitors, so traffic would reflect 55% new visitors and 45% returning.

• Communications strategy, specifically with social media in mind, was to use social handles as visual tools to introduce the community to the Americans and promote games as an entertainment opportunity for the entire family.

The Results

Actions on page increased by over 62%

Video views increased by 248%

Page views up by 37%

Post engagement up by 16%

Increased ad performance by 76% for the same budget

223% increase in web traffic from Instagram

Social media delivered 10.5% of all website traffic

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